Gun control not keeping Boston teens disarmed

Gun control not keeping Boston teens disarmed
(Amber Ross/Yakima Police Department via AP)

Massachusetts may not be the most gun-controlled state, but it ain’t far from it. The state has just about every bit of gun control one could possibly ask for short of a total ban. They’ve got universal background checks, a permit to purchase requirement, and an ownership permit requirement.


All of that gun control, we’re told, is meant to keep guns out of the hands of people who aren’t supposed to have them.

And yet, guess what? Boston has a problem with armed teens.

The Suffolk district attorney is calling a spate of recent arrests of teens with guns a “moment for immediate, all-encompassing societal reflection,” the latest in his statements condemning illegal guns on city streets.

A 15-year-old Mattapan boy was arrested by Boston police Monday and arraigned Tuesday in the Dorchester Division of the Suffolk Juvenile Court on charges of unlawful possession of a firearm.

His was the third arrest of a 15-year-old on firearms charges in Boston in four days.

“One thing we must never do is fall into a mindset that makes the reality of three children in Boston neighborhoods walking around with such destructive weapons somehow less perilous than three children in any other Massachusetts neighborhood doing the same thing,” DA Kevin Hayden said in a statement.

Hayden on March 17 launched the Firearms Rapid Indictment Program, which aims to expedite gun crimes to the superior court, where serious offenders could face harder sentences and higher bails. His office also convened a special grand jury the month before mostly dedicated to firearm offenses and nonfatal shootings to help alleviate the case backlog due to COVID restrictions.

Hayden’s office also designated two prosecutors to focus on firearm cases, securing 68 indictments since launch, a spokesman said Wednesday.

As that latest teen was arrested on firearms charges Monday, another 15-year-old from Roxbury was arraigned in the county juvenile court following his April 1 arrest on mostly gun-related charges: carrying a firearm without a license, possession of a firearm without an FID card, carrying a loaded firearm, receiving stolen property over $1,200.


Well…those gun laws are sure doing a bang-up job, aren’t they?

It should be noted that a 15-year-old can’t lawfully purchase a firearm anywhere in the nation and no law-abiding citizen would sell a gun to someone that age even without a universal background check requirement.

So, really, all those laws we’re told will keep guns out of the hands of those who aren’t supposed to have them completely and utterly failed.

Kind of like how gun control typically fails.

For proponents of gun control, though, none of that ever matters. They’ll keep pushing their agenda as though none of this matters.

Because, for them, it doesn’t.

Gun control can’t stop teenagers in Boston from getting guns, but it’s supposed to make our streets safer? Seriously?

I’ve got an easier time believing Will Smith would never assault a comedian over a joke right in this minute than I’d have believing that nonsense.

No, gun control is an abject failure and it’s time people recognize that fact.

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