David Hogg reaches out to gun owners after insulting them

David Hogg reaches out to gun owners after insulting them
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Over the last week, gun control advocate and Parkland kid David Hogg has been on something of a tear. He’s been, of course, pushing gun control in the wake of Sacramento, oblivious to the fact that it was actually gang warfare and not a mass shooting as most think of the term.


Of course, that’s not surprising coming from him.

However, Hogg also decided to attack gun owners’ masculinity.

And there was this one:

And this:

Of course, I don’t know any gun owner who needs a firearm to feel like a man. This is especially true with the gun-owning women I know and count as friends.

But after spending days upon days of attacking the manhood of gun owners–can Hogg define what a man is?–he had the cajones to tweet this:

Hilariously, this one didn’t get as much attention as many of his tweets receive. That tells me that, frankly, any gun-control-loving gun owners abandoned ship on him after he started on this whole “manhood” thing.


Yet I can’t help but wonder just how anyone could spend days upon days literally trying to insult gun owners in total, then think you’d get some degree of support when you try to reach out to them.

I mean, nothing in those tweets differentiated between folks like me and the Fudds Hogg tends to consider allies.

He really shouldn’t be surprised if many of those who supported him but own firearms decided they just didn’t want to sit there and be insulted.

“But Tom, didn’t you just insult them by calling them Fudds?”

Yes. Yes, I did.

The difference between Hogg and me, though, is that I don’t expect them to support me. We have a fundamental disagreement over the issue of gun rights and, as such, I don’t feel obligated to respect their feelings. I don’t consider them my allies in any meaningful way.

Hogg does, though.

He thinks of them as allies and yet he still insulted every last one of them. Yes, even the women, because he essentially pretended they don’t exist.

And, frankly, it’s hilarious.

What’s more, the damage is done. He’s been on this tirade for days, so even if he realizes he’s insulted some of his own supporters, it’s likely too late to make amends.


As for people on this side of the debate, well, I can’t speak for everyone, but I think it’s hilarious that a pencil-necked twerp from a privileged upbringing thinks he has anything to offer on the subject. I mean, all he did was not get shot, flap his gums a lot, then get admitted to Harvard over someone who actually did all the work necessary to get in but wasn’t made famous by the media.

He’s someone who has literally had everything handed to him in life and he thinks he has something to offer on the subject of masculinity on top of gun rights?

No, he doesn’t. On either subject, really.

But Hogg will continue and I’ll keep following him because it’s hilarious.

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