Three killed in Georgia gun store

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We often tell people that if firearms cause violence, then where are there no mass shootings at gun shows or gun stores?

Of course, there’s been the odd shooting at a gun store, but it usually doesn’t accomplish much. After all, people who work at gun stores are armed. It’s just not a great idea to try and mess with folks like that.


Unfortunately, someone in Georgia did just that.

The Grantville Police chief said Sunday evening detectives are still trying to figure out who shot and killed three family members inside a Coweta County gun store and shooting range.

Flowers and police tape still surround the gun shop two days after the beloved members of the Grantville community tragically lost their lives.


β€œHe was always willing to help. He was a kind, gentle guy,” [Mike] Menese said. “When I think of him, I think of a grandparent, a granddad. He was just an all-around great guy.”

Police said Tommy Hawk, along with his wife Evelyn and their 19-year-old grandson Luke, were gunned down Friday evening during a robbery at the store.

Now, let’s be clear, this is not common. Gun stores get robbed all the time, but few people try to rob them while they’re open. Instead, they bust in when everyone is at home, then go in.

This is particularly brazen, which represents a big problem.

The ATF has offered a $15,000 reward for information leading to an arrest, which I sincerely hope comes soon.

Does this incident negate what we’ve long said about guns making people safer? It may look that way, but I wouldn’t. Yes, this is a horrible tragedy and it certainly appears that the presence of firearms didn’t help very much.

However, it’s important to remember that we’ve never claimed having a weapon was akin to a magic talisman that would ward off evil. A firearm is a tool. Like any tool, though, it’s got limitations as to what it can and can’t do.


That’s not to say I don’t have questions. Did the Hawks know the killer or killers, thus giving them a degree of trust? Who knows right now, but I do have questions like that.

More importantly, though, I’m urging anyone who knows anything to reach out to the ATF. More than a dozen firearms were stolen, which means they’ll probably end up being used in still more crimes, which everyone should want to stop.

Yes, I know, most of us aren’t fans of the ATF, but that’s irrelevant. They’re the federal agency looking into this, apparently, and the bastards who did this need to face justice. So, I say we put aside any animosity we may feel toward the ATF and try to help them if we can.

People who do this kind of thing are dangerous to everyone. Getting them off the streets benefits society as a whole.

Further, they may try this again.

If they do, I hope they’re not so fortunate and get what they deserve. A gun isn’t a magic talisman, but it is a great way to put an end to dangerous crimes in progress if you’re able to use it.

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