Nebraska Democrat's filibuster blocking constitutional carry

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Nebraska is an interesting state. It should be among the most pro-gun states in the nation, looking at it from the outside. After all, it’s a heavily rural state and those tend to be very pro-gun.


Unfortunately, they also have Lincoln and Omaha, two cities that have enough going on to keep the state from really taking the next step.

Lawmakers from there are happy to thwart every pro-gun measure that comes through. Now, one of those is trying to scuttle constitutional carry.

Sen. Tom Brewer’s “constitutional carry” gun rights bill, which would have allowed Nebraskans to carry concealed weapons without a permit or currently required gun safety training, was trapped on the floor of the Legislature on Monday and removed from further consideration.

The bill encountered a filibuster led by Sen. Adam Morfeld of Lincoln when it appeared on the agenda for second-stage debate, and a subsequent motion to invoke cloture, the procedure required to end debate, fell two votes short of the required number of 33, failing on a 31-9 vote.

Now, I have friends in Nebraska. They’re good people who deserve constitutional carry as opposed to the current rules that really aren’t friendly to anyone.

After all, they have a training requirement and their issuing authority isn’t necessarily conveniently located for people in rural communities. As a result, many people simply can’t make the trips required to meet the requirements for concealed carry.


By keeping this in place, Morfeld isn’t protecting anyone. If anything, he’s making it hard for poorer Nebraskans to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Which, I suspect, is part of the point.

See, Morfeld figures that folks in Lincoln who want to carry a gun won’t have too much difficulty jumping through the relevant hoops to get one. As a result, he’s oblivious to what people outside of his city have to deal with. More than that, though, he doesn’t care.

Frankly, Morfeld is evidence that anti-Second Amendment types live and work everywhere. They’re not just relegated to more urban states. Every state has them and someone will eventually elect some of them to public office.

Now, Morfeld won a victory. But he has to win all of them from now on, and I don’t think he can.

Brewer won earlier with his vote to end a filibuster and he said he intends to keep pushing this issue for the rest of his term. I suspect he’ll figure out how to get around people like Morfeld and give Nebraska what they deserve, which is their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms free of having to ask permission from the government.


Having to ask for a permit changes a right to a privilege, especially if you put onerous requirements for obtaining such a permit.

Nebraska deserves better.

Then again, they deserve better than Morfeld, but Lincoln isn’t likely to recognize that fact for a good long time. That’s a shame, too, because he’s not helping nearly as much as he’d led them to believe, either.

However, let’s also remember that Morfeld is a Democrat. You know, the guys who have spent the last year claiming the filibuster is undemocratic and therefore evil?

Yeah, same party.

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