Anti-gun activists continue to turn on Biden

Anti-gun activists continue to turn on Biden
AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

President Joe Biden campaigned on gun control. While it didn’t really come up during the general election, the Democratic primary featured a number of candidates jockeying for position as the most anti-gun candidate possible.

It worked.

As a result, anti-gun groups came out in support of the president. They spent money to support his candidacy, even while skirting the gun control issue directly.

Those same groups want a return on that investment, and the fact they’re not getting it makes them a bit upset.

There are few who would disagree that Joe Biden is the most anti-gun president this country has ever experienced. He ran on an anti-gun platform, his campaign was supported by tens-of-millions of dollars from anti-gun extremists (although, fairly ineffectively), and whenever he tries to stem the hemorrhaging of his plummeting approval ratings, he usually turns to attacks on the Second Amendment. It’s often the same message over and over and over again.

But that does not seem to satisfy many of the gun-ban proponents who worked so hard to put Biden in the White House.

The old dig, “What have you done for me, lately,” seems to resonate deeply within the bowels of the anti-gun extremist movement, although a bit unfairly, it could be argued.

Biden, in fact, has done quite a bit for the anti-gun movement; both in the past and recently. He constantly promoted anti-gun policies during his primary campaign, then brought on Kamala Harris as his running mate to create the most anti-gun presidential ticket in American history. Their campaign pushed gun control as a major part of its platform, even as anti-gun media outlets chose to bury information exposing Biden’s anti-gun views.

Biden has repeatedly pushed his anti-gun messaging since he began his occupation of the White House, and even went so far as to nominate an anti-gun lobbyist to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in an effort to placate the anti-gun extremists who supported his election.

Of course, we all know how that worked out.

Most recently, Biden announced a new firearm rule, as well as another anti-gun nominee to head ATF.

In spite of all this, many anti-gun extremists are still angry. We told you about an anti-gun website that appears to blame Biden for firearm-related violent crime. It is still operating, even after Biden’s latest moves.

Go and read the whole thing. I think you’ll get a kick out of it.

So what gives? Why are anti-gun activists so angry with Biden? Oh, not all are, but plenty are furious because they thought they’d get all this gun control and it just hasn’t happened yet.

To answer that, we have to start by understanding that the average gun control aficionado tends to think of their preferred policies not just as ideas to advance a cause, but the only sane response to whatever troubles they see. You can’t disagree with gun control because you don’t believe it works, you can only oppose gun control because you want dead children.

That kind of thinking.

Anyway, they have ideas they expect the White House to do and if the powers that be in the White House–Joe Biden or his nurse or whoever–have a different idea, then it’s clear the White House is doing literally nothing.

See, we may disagree with pro-Second Amendment lawmakers about what they should ultimately be doing, but by and large, we don’t look at an incremental increase in gun rights as the same thing as gun control.

Yet these activists certainly seem to. I mean, to hear some of them go off, you’d think he’d just sent every American a stimulus that was really just an AR-15.

Oh, they’re happy with Biden’s rules on homemade firearms, but they want more and they’re not content that he hasn’t pulled something out of his fifth point of contact somehow.

Which is amusing as hell for me, let me tell you.