Man points gun at minor, steals two firearms

Man points gun at minor, steals two firearms
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For gun control to work as advertised, it would require that guns never get stolen, sold to unscrupulous people, and a host of other things that won’t even happen in Fantasyland.  The idea that criminals cannot and will not get firearms is laughable, especially since they can get pretty much anything else they want if they’ve got the cash for it.


And let’s not pretend it takes a master thief to steal weapons from someone. It really doesn’t.

An Ohio teen has been charged in Upshur County after officers said he pointed a gun at a minor and stole two guns, including an AK-47.

The report says the family friend came to the home with Tavin Hill, 18, of Stockport, Ohio, to see two guns, a 9mm and an AK-47.

When they arrived at the home, court documents say Hill pulled a pistol out and pointed it at the minor’s face and told him to go get the guns. He brought the guns out from inside the home to Hill and the family friend who got in the car and left, stealing the firearms.

Ocean’s Eleven, this ain’t.

The problem here is that as long as firearms exist, criminals will do what they can to get their grubby little paws on them. That includes pointing a gun at a kid and demanding he brings the weapons out.

All it takes for a theft to take place is the bad guy having the opportunity and a lack of morals. That’s literally all that’s required.

In this case, the bad guy had a firearm–no doubt illegally acquired since you can’t buy a handgun at 18 anywhere in the nation–which just means he’ll have more opportunities.

Of course, some will argue that if the residents didn’t have guns in the first place, no one could have stolen them. That’s actually true, but it ignores that whole pesky Second Amendment thing that says we can, indeed, have firearms, whether activists like it or not.


Yet even without that, if such were the case, then this theft might not have happened, but do you really think criminals can’t get guns? Even in Europe, with all its tight control on weapons, the criminal element has found a way to secure firearms. Usually by taking non-firing replicas and making them into working weapons.

It’s kind of ingenious, actually.

Anyway, even without that, there’s always going to be someone armed. The criminal element will seek them out and take weapons from them. You’re not going to stop it.

We’ve seen firearms stolen while being shipped, for crying out loud. Do you think that’s going to just vanish because you really, really wish it would?

The world doesn’t work that way, I’m afraid.

So, we’re going to have thefts, which means armed criminals will remain a thing. Since you literally can’t stop it, we might as well make sure the good guys have firearms as well. We have a right to defend ourselves, which means we have the right to have the best tools to defend ourselves with.

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