UK student booted from school for giving toy gun to a friend

UK student booted from school for giving toy gun to a friend
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There will always be a segment of the population that thinks we should adopt policies around firearms like the United Kingdom has. They don’t think anyone needs a gun for self-defense and so why shouldn’t we make people keep guns locked up at private clubs?


Who cares if that means poor people can’t exercise a fundamental right?

Well, I do and so do most, if not all of you.

So yeah, I’m not interested in the UK’s laws. Especially when it’s a country that punishes a kid over a toy gun.

A boy has been permanently excluded from school after he took a toy gun into a McDonald’s restaurant and gave it to another pupil, his mother says.

Pauline Pollard, 53, said her son, Mitchell, was expelled from Christ Church in Yardley Wood, Birmingham, after bringing the black and gold toy gun to the fast food chain and giving it to a friend, who she said later “shot a couple of pellets at two pupils”.

The Church of England academy school, which just opened last September, stood by its decision, but Ms Pollard insisted her son is not a “wayward” child.

Headteacher Mark Bowman Dalton said: “Any exclusion is not made lightly and will follow the statutory guidance set by the Department for Education.

“Each case is treated fairly and will be reviewed by a panel of governors.

So, just to be clear, Pollard didn’t shoot anyone. He didn’t even bring the gun to school. He gave it to his friend in a McDonald’s that was open to the public.

For that, he’s now been kicked out of school permanently.

And these people want that kind of insanity here?

Keep in mind that these are governmental guidelines that the school claims they were following. That’s the same government that makes it virtually impossible for anyone to own a real gun and is now trying to do the same thing to knives.


It’s. A. Toy.

In particular, it was an airsoft gun, which is still legal in the UK, but still a toy gun. It was also pretty clearly a toy gun.

And, again, Pollard isn’t the one who shot anyone and he never brought the toy on campus. In other words, he did absolutely nothing to warrant being kicked out of school.

Yet this is where the UK’s hysteria around firearms eventually leads. You’ll have students getting kicked out of school for what someone else has done because it involved a gun-shaped object.

Sorry, but that’s a hard pass for me.

I value people’s rights. That includes the right of a kid to hand a toy to someone else, even if that other person eventually misuses that toy. It’s not Pollard’s fault.

It’s really the fault of the nation that has demonized gun ownership to such a degree, making the toy gun something they simply have to have.

We don’t need that in our country. Hell, they don’t need that in the UK, but they got it. They got in and will keep getting it good and hard.

But there’s no reason we should go down that path as well.

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