County boots courts out of building over gun rights

MikeGunner / Pixabay

While there are many places that vehemently oppose anything approaching gun rights, there are others that completely and totally support people’s right to keep and bear arms. In fact, they want to make it possible for people to carry guns in as many places as possible.


In Nye County, Nevada, they’re even willing to kick the courts out of the building to do so.

A quarrel over policy between Nye County commissioners and judges with the Fifth Judicial District Court has now led to a unanimous vote by the board to move the district courts and relocate them to their own dedicated buildings.

The decision stems from an order from the Fifth Judicial District Court, signed by Judge Robert Lane in 2010, that states no weapons are allowed in any courthouse facility.

When Bruce Jabbour joined the commission in 2021, he was informed of the order and told that he would not be allowed to carry his personal firearm when using his office in the William P. Beko Justice Complex in Tonopah, which houses not only the district court but also several county departments, including the commissioners’ offices.

Jabbour took issue with the restriction and tried to seek a resolution, eventually sponsoring an agenda item in late 2021 to discuss it. At that time, commissioners voted to have the “no weapons” order limited to court spaces only, arguing that as the county was the owner of the buildings in question, the commission had the authority to set its own rules for areas not utilized by the district court or its staff. The commissioners also voted to have any signage regarding banned weapons removed from the main entrances and relegated to only doors leading to areas used by the district court.


Apparently, Judge Kim Wanker–yes, that’s apparently her real name. No, I cannot make this crap up–was less than pleased and griped in the media.

However, the signs stayed.

Now, they’re kicking the courts to their own building so that people can carry firearms into the building.

This is a good thing.

What bothers me about it is how it took a commissioner who wished to carry a firearm to raise a stink for this to even be remotely looked at. It shouldn’t have taken that long.

Of course, Wanker–and I mean that in multiple meanings of the name–and other judges want to be protected. They want to have this gun-free shield surrounding them because people who exercise their gun rights are scary.

Yet it’s the law-abiding gun owner–you know, the people who take issue with infringements on their gun rights–who represent no threat to the judges in any meaningful way. Those who would harm them aren’t going to be deterred by signs and laws.

If that were the case, a sign reminding them that it’s illegal to harm people should be more than sufficient.


Since it’s not, maybe it’s time to recognize that idiocy of gun-free zones in the first place. They don’t really do what people think. At best, they’re security blankets. They don’t accomplish anything, but they let children delude themselves into thinking they’re safer.

Nye County is right to kick them out of the building. Everyone else will be safer for it.

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