Newsweek tries to link Uvalde to constitutional carry

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I don’t expect much out of Newsweek, yet they still manage to find a way to disappoint.

After all, I don’t expect them to be neutral. I know better than to expect that out of the mainstream media. Yet I’d love for them not to even suggest at logical leaps that boggle the imagination.


That’s the only thing I can think of when they run a story with a headline like, “What Are The Texas Gun Laws? Lawmakers Made It Easier To Carry Firearms,” while also talking about Uvalde?

Clearly, the suggestion is that constitutional carry somehow played a role in what happened.

Then again, in just the first few paragraphs, Newsweek manages to massacre basic facts to such a degree that we simply can’t pretend otherwise.

ollowing the most recent shooting and tragedy in Texas, people are once again calling for action and tighter gun control.

The shooter [name redacted] opened fire on the Ulvade elementary school with an assault rifle, a semiautomatic firearm which is usually intended for military use.

There’s not a single military in the world that uses an AR-15. Further, they don’t make them for the military to use. These are specifically built for the civilian market. They just happen to look like military weapons.

Further, semi-automatic technology has been around for over a century by this point and has always been in civilian hands.

You’d think Newsweek would use a fact-checker, but clearly they don’t.

That’s not even the worst of it, either. We know that this is typical anti-gun propaganda and it’s so prevalent that even a well-meaning journalist could be led astray.


But this is next-level stupid.

This massacre occurred almost 10 years after Sandy Hook, the deadliest school shooting in US history. With 19 lives being claimed, most being children between the ages of 7 to 10, this is the deadliest school shooting since Sandy Hook.

Oh, boy, where to start with this degree of stupid?

First, Sandy Hook took place in December. It’s May. To claim it’s “almost 10 years after Sandy Hook” would be to suggest the anniversary is much closer than it is. Otherwise, it’s something that happened in the same calendar year as Sandy Hook.

Yet in discussing that particular shooting, that’s the closest they got to accuracy.

Sandy Hook was not the deadliest school shooting in American history. That dubious distinction goes to the Virginia Tech shooting where 33 people were killed. No, it’s not an elementary school–but that’s a distinction they didn’t make–but it’s a school nonetheless.

Of course, Virginia Tech undermines a whole lot of narrative, so it’s not surprising they opted to get that wrong.

You see, not only did that killer use handguns rather than the evil AR-15, but he also did it in a state that, at that time, had a gun rationing scheme on the books. He could only buy one gun a month, so he bought one handgun, then waited and bought the second.


Now, with that in mind, why should anyone take Newsweek’s suggestion that constitutional carry played any factor at all?

Especially since Texas law didn’t actually permit the killer to carry, as it only applies to those over 21 and he was only 18. Additionally, it’s not like the laws against carrying a firearm would have stopped him. After all, if the laws against murdering 20 people didn’t prevent him, saying he can’t carry a gun sure as hell wouldn’t have.

Of course, it didn’t, which Newsweek fails to note.

Instead, it went on and on about the pro-gun laws Texas has passed. The thing is, I don’t recall seeing a similar piece from them about the gun control laws passed in New York following Buffalo or in California following Sacramento.

Funny, that.


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