Abrams wants to blame Kemp for Georgia crime

AP Photo/Steve Helber, File

Stacey Abrams is making another play for the Georgia governor’s mansion, and it’s not going even as well as her first attempt did. You know, the one that failed? Yeah, that one.


Anyway, 2022 doesn’t look to be a good year for Democrats. While they made gains in 2018, it’s not likely to happen this time. Crime and the economy are going to hurt come November.

Abrams, however, seems to think she can turn crime to her advantage, though.

As Republicans around the country prepare to attack Democrats with tough-on-crime programs this fall, Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams is focusing her campaign for governor on guns, hoping to make crime a liability for incumbent Republican Gov. Brian Kemp’s reelection attempt.

Georgia Republicans have enacted multiple laws since 2014 loosening restrictions on who can carry a gun and where they can carry it. Abrams made tightening Georgia’s gun laws a big part of a public safety plan she released Thursday, proposing to reverse multiple laws that Georgia Republicans have enacted since 2014 loosening restrictions on who can carry a gun and where they can carry it.

Democrats are betting that voters are “at a breaking point,” as Georgia Democratic state Rep. Shea Roberts puts it, over Republicans’ decisions to expand access to guns.

Except, they’re likely not, nor should they be.

First, understand that crime was skyrocketing well before Georgia passed constitutional carry. Rape was up 236 percent and murder was up 43 percent in Atlanta as of February, well before any new gun laws were passed. You can’t blame laws that weren’t even in existence for that particular increase in crime.

Further, take a look around the nation for a moment. There hasn’t been a huge uptick in gun rights everywhere, but crime is soaring in just about every city in the nation.


With that in mind, it’s kind of difficult to argue that expanding gun rights is responsible for the increase in crime.

The truth of the matter is that Abrams is floundering and she’s trying desperately to grab key segments of the population. Gun control, for example, is an issue that polls better with white women than white men, but 60 percent of white Georgian women prefer Kemp over Abrams.

So, she’s grasping at straws. That hope that Georgians have reached a breaking point? That’s grasping at straws as well.

The polling makes it clear that Abrams isn’t likely to win absent some huge and massive scandal that directly implicates Kemp. Since that seems unlikely right about now, this is what she’s resorting to.

The problem is that no one is likely to buy it except for the same people who are already likely to support Abrams.

Yes, a lot of Georgians weren’t thrilled about constitutional carry, according to the polls, but they’re likely to be far less thrilled with Abrams and her radical anti-gun agenda.

So she can keep grasping at those straws if she wants. She’ll have no one to blame but herself when it backfires on her come the election time in November.

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