Biden proves folly of bipartisan gun control deal

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

President Joe Biden got a lot of headlines yesterday when he hosted a group of gun control advocates at the White House. They weren’t necessarily good headlines, mind you, as we noted here on Monday.


However, the president wasn’t there just to kick a loud-mouthed gun control supporter out, obviously. He had other plans.

Among those was an apparent desire to remind us just why there should never be any compromise on gun control in the first place.

At a White House event meant to celebrate the recent passage of the bipartisan gun law, President Biden on Monday renewed his push for a new assault weapons ban while also calling for legislation to ensure safe storage of firearms.

“Assault weapons need to be banned,” Biden said on the South Lawn at a gathering of lawmakers and family members of mass shooting victims. “I’m not going to stop until we do it.

“We should have safe storage laws requiring personal liability for not locking up your gun,” the president continued, noting that the gunman who killed 20 children and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., in 2012 came from a home “full of guns and assault weapons that were too easy to access.”

“If you own a weapon you have the responsibility to secure it and keep it under lock and key,” Biden said. “Responsible gun owners agree: No one else should have access to it, so lock it up.”


And responsible gun owners do agree that guns should be secured when not in use. We just don’t trust the government to determine what “not in use” should actually mean.

But the big thing here is that the ink is barely even dry on the bipartisan gun control deal–a deal that Biden fully endorsed, it should be noted–and we already have them screaming about still more gun control. The White House is demanding things they simply don’t have the votes for.

They’re going to try, though.

You see, it’s never going to be enough. There will never be a point in which the gun control crowd will say, “that’s enough.”

The last law hasn’t even had a chance to do anything yet, so it’s impossible to know how effective it may be, but they’re already pushing for mandatory storage laws and assault weapon bans.

Granted, we know that nothing will come of the new law. It won’t actually stop anything, but neither would the things Biden is calling for, either.

When you “compromise” with the gun control crowd, well, it’s never really a compromise. It’s just them taking a little less than they actually wanted to take. They’re more than willing to make that deal, though, because they’ll be back trying to take those things yet again.


Case in point, Biden’s remarks.

Do you think Sen. Chris Murphy didn’t start off with things like assault weapon bans in the negotiations? Do you really think he didn’t start with some big asks and then eventually settled for what we saw come out of those meetings?

Of course he did. He wasn’t going to get it, though.

So now we have Biden reminding us that the gun control crowd doesn’t accept that they didn’t get everything they wanted. They just take what they can get, then come back a week later demanding the same things like petulant children.

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