Florida lawmaker calls gun control effort "lookism"

Florida lawmaker calls gun control effort "lookism"
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As we watch, congressional Democrats are willfully ignoring Bruen and trying to shepherd a new assault weapon ban into being. Somehow, they think they can pass something like this that will survive a legal challenge or whatever.


Yet gun control isn’t a slam dunk anymore.

What’s more, as one Florida Republican phrases it, they’re practicing “lookism” more than anything else.

U.S. Rep. Greg Steube argues that Democrats are practicing “lookism” in their latest push to impose gun control.

In an email to constituents on Sunday, the Sarasota Republican said House Democrats’ advocacy for a renewed “assault weapons ban” is not an attempt “to ban ‘weapons of war’ like the one I was issued in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Those weapons of war are already unavailable for purchase in America.”

Instead, Steube added, “Democrats are discriminating in their legislation against some of the most popular weapons in the U.S. simply because they don’t like the way they look.”

As The Free Press reported on Saturday, the Democrats’ bill specifically identifies at least 195 individual firearms as “semiautomatic assault weapons” and would make it illegal to “import, sell, manufacture, transfer, or possess” any of them.

Lookism is definitely a valid way to describe the anti-gun lunacy that’s gripped the Democrats over the last 30 years or so.


The AR-15 and the M-4 look similar but function very differently. Yet it’s the superficial similarities–all based on appearance–that seem to rile anti-gun jihadists up. A Ruger Mini-14, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to cause the same reaction among most of that crowd, yet is functionally no different than an AR-15. (In fairness, though, it seems the Mini-14 would also be banned under the Democrats’ plan.)

Defining this gun control effort as “lookism” probably won’t change anyone’s opinion, though. Yes, it’s accurate and valid, but it won’t make anyone supporting a new assault weapon ban think.

After all, we’ve accused them of reacting to the looks of a weapon rather than anything else before and it’s changed nothing. Coining a new term for it won’t do anything either.

That doesn’t change what it is, though.

If there’s good news, it’s in the fact that there’s pretty much zero chance of this one passing the Senate. Yes, they just passed gun control last month, but that bill was also about all the Democrats were going to get. We know they walked into those talks wanting stuff like assault weapon bans, but what they got wasn’t even close to that.


So why would they think they’d get it now?

I mean, a recent poll showed that a majority of Americans aren’t supportive of such a ban. Republican voters definitely aren’t supportive of such a ban. Yet Democrats think at least 10 Republican senators will sign on to precisely that?

Yeah, that’ll happen.

Look, Republicans aren’t great stewards of the Second Amendment, as we’ve already seen this year, but they’re not that far gone, either.

So yes, they’re practicing lookism with these guns, but there’s also no chance of additional gun control passing, either.

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