Georgia deputies prove being armed with "assault weapon" isn't an instant win

Georgia deputies prove being armed with "assault weapon" isn't an instant win

The debate around so-called “assault weapon” often includes a number of people claiming that people armed with a handgun simply cannot defeat a gunman armed with such a long gun. The AR/AK pattern rifles supposedly convey too many advantages.

And, to be sure, there are advantages, but to hear some people talk, you’d think having a so-called assault weapon would be an instant win.

While the Greenwood Park Mall shooting should have laid much of that to rest, some figure that was an exception.

If so, what about this instance in Georgia?

Gordon County deputies have shot and killed a man after investigators said he pulled out a gun and threatened them during an undercover drug operation.

After undercover deputies were done making the deal, investigators said the deputies told the men that they were with the sheriff’s office.

That was when one of the suspects pulled out an AK-47-style weapon and threatened the deputies.

Investigators said the deputies opened fire on the men, killing the man holding the gun. The other man got away and deputies are still searching for him.

Now, because this is an undercover operation, it’s unlikely these guys were wearing Level IV body armor and sporting M-4s.

Instead, they had their duty sidearm and that’s what they used.

Of course, to be fair, it looks like the dead drug dealer didn’t actually pull the trigger, but that’s on him. It’s not the fault of the AK-pattern rifle. And because he was threatening deputies, it sounds like a righteous shoot.

But that so-called assault weapon was supposed to be the gamechanger. To hear anti-gun activists tell it, those deputies should be dead right now.

They’re not.

That’s because much of the hype about “assault weapons” is predicated on people who don’t know anything about firearms reading a couple of posts on the internet and deciding they’re experts. They push ideas that aren’t an accurate representation of reality.

For example, the handgun to rifle disparity is part of how they try to justify their opposition to armed school staff, claiming that the handgun would be useless anyway.

Both this instance and Greenwood Park show that to be a lie.

Yes, if given my choice, I’d much rather go into a gunfight with a so-called assault weapon and a handgun. However, I’d much rather have a handgun than harsh language.

More and more, we’re seeing just how much better a handgun is than being disarmed, even against opponents with so-called assault weapons.

The truth is, a good guy with a gun is your best defense against a bad guy with a gun. It always has been and always will be.

Since you can’t count on one being handy at any given point, it makes sense to be your own good guy with a gun. The truth is that it works to put down bad guys, even if they’re brandishing an evil “assault weapon” and trying to kill everyone.

Get a gun, train with it, get good with it, and then hope you’ll never need to use it.