Hochul claims cops seized twice as many guns as last year

Hochul claims cops seized twice as many guns as last year
AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is one of many Democrats who seem to have declared jihad against the Second Amendment. She’s pushed any number of anti-gun measures and those efforts have ramped up since the Bruen decision dropped.

Her state was already one of the more gun-controlled states in the nation, though, and we’ve been told repeatedly that those gun control laws work.

So why did Hochul just announce that police have seized twice as many guns this year as they did last year?

Gov. Hochul said Thursday that the New York State Police have made progress in their push to crackdown on guns, seizing more than twice as many firearms this year as last year, as officials work to drive down gun violence rates that surged during the pandemic.

Entering the eighth month of the year, the state cops have snatched some 800 guns, a 104% year-over-year increase, Hochul said.

The governor, who is facing a November general election and is under pressure to curb crime, credited law enforcement’s laser focus on firearms for the “enormous increase” in gun seizures.

“We’re proud of it: We’re seizing more illegal firearms, we’re making more communities safe,” Hochul, a Democrat, said at a news conference at the New York State Police forensic investigation center in Albany.

Well, she probably shouldn’t be so proud.

After all, as a gun control proponent, the fact that her state is seeing such a huge increase in gun seizures illustrates just how completely those gun control policies have failed.

If gun control worked, then how are there so many guns to be seized?

Now, I know that Hochul would say that they’re trafficked in from out of state, to which I’ll point out how that is illegal and if gun control works as advertised, that simply wouldn’t happen.

The truth, of course, is that criminals will not obey gun laws. They don’t obey any laws, necessarily, so why would they obey these particular laws?

Instead, these laws just inhibit law-abiding people from accessing the means to defend themselves. Hochul’s new carry restrictions are just that, a way to keep guns away from the people who need them.

We’ve seen how that plays out.

New York has a long history of making life easier for criminals by criminalizing self-defense in any way they can. This supposed crackdown shows that the bad guys aren’t exactly having a difficult time getting guns, but ministers are being robbed in the pulpit with no possible means of defending themselves.

Absolutely brilliant, Gov. Hochul. Absolutely brilliant.

But then again, this is New York, a state that is fast becoming a hellscape not fit for decent human beings. I’m glad I live way the heck down in the state of Georgia where I don’t have to worry about any of their nonsense.

It’s just too bad for the millions that live there that their governor cares nothing about their safety. She says she does, but we know better, now don’t we? The evidence is plain for all to see.