Arizona second-grader brings guns to school

Arizona second-grader brings guns to school

In no place on the planet are children lawfully able to purchase firearms.

Yes, I know child soldiers are a thing, but they’re not exactly lawful in any sense of the term, so they don’t count. Kids can’t obtain firearms legally.


Unfortunately, sometimes, it happens, as just happened in Arizona.

An Arizona 7-year-old is facing criminal charges after allegedly bringing two guns and ammunition to school.

Cochise County Sheriff’s officials were called to Cochise Elementary School in Bowie on Monday after a second-grader was reported to have a weapon.

“It was discovered that a gun and ammunition was located inside of his backpack, and ultimately a second handgun was discovered as well,” the sheriff’s office said.

So, this seven-year-old kid gained access to two handguns that he brought to school in his backpack.

Now, I don’t care where you are on the gun rights/gun control spectrum, this is disturbing. At seven, I had toy guns but didn’t have a clue as to where to even look for the real ones. Moreover, I didn’t actually care all that much.

But that was also in the very early 1980s, a very different time.

In this day and age, though, it seems that second graders bring guns to school.

For the anti-gunners among us, this is evidence that average citizens cannot be trusted with guns. They’ll hold this up as an example of why we need mandatory storage laws and a host of other measures, essentially arguing that the kid did nothing wrong.

As for me, I want more information.

If this was the child of a lawful gun owner, then my hope is that this prompts that gun owner to get a safe or something to lock the guns away from curious but unauthorized hands.


Yet something tells me that’s not the case. That’s just my gut reaction, however, with absolutely no evidence.

Not that it matters. It’s very clear there’s something wrong with our world when a seven-year-old thinks he needs to take a gun to school, either for protection or to just show off. It also concerns me as to why a seven-year-old kid would even think of a gun for either purpose.

I mean, I get being bullied (if that’s the reason), but a gun isn’t the answer, particularly at that age.

My hope is that the investigation finds why he did this and deals with that as well as teaching him that this isn’t an appropriate thing to do.

We don’t need this kind of thing happening. That’s beyond politics or anything else. It’s just not something that should happen, and it’s incumbent upon all of us to do what we can to keep it from happening again.

And yes, if we all do that, then there’s going to be less push for some of the laws we all oppose, but more importantly, there will be less risk to innocent life simply because small kids won’t have a way to carry a couple of guns to school, as it should already be.

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