Illinois men arrested for stealing guns from police cars

Illinois men arrested for stealing guns from police cars
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In Illinois, the city of Chicago drives a lot of the state’s politics. It’s a very anti-Second Amendment city and is the reason the state has so many restrictions on guns. They think that by requiring a FOID card before a lawful purchase, you can keep firearms out of the hands of certain folks.

Then there are those who would rather guns not be in the hands of anyone who isn’t a police officer. To them, it would finally end violent crime.

Well, that may sound good in theory, but what do you do when the bad guys are taking firearms from the police themselves?

Three central Illinois men are facing the possibility of decades behind bars after detectives said they were busted for breaking into police cars.

Macon County Sheriff deputies said in court documents it all started with a call for stolen air pods. Decatur Police served a search warrant at a home in Cerro Gordo on August 26th for the air pods reported stolen from Morton. Inside the home on North Adams Street, officers found a Macon County Sheriff’s office Remington shotgun and body armor. Officers say Blaine Manks was living there, but fled when police arrived at the scene.

Manks was finally tracked down August 30th at an apartment in Sullivan. Deputies also found Parker Wallace and three more stolen guns in the apartment. During questioning, Wallace told detectives he and Manks were behind several car burglaries.

A third man, Cameron Edwards, was also arrested for his alleged role in the thefts. When he was arrested, police found two AR-15s hidden behind a false wall.

Now, I can only go with what’s included here in the news story, but I’m willing to bet none of these three had their FOID cards.

See, the problem with gun control is that it ignores the fact that the criminally-minded will find a way to acquire the very things they want, regardless of what laws are on the books. We banned alcohol during prohibition and the mob was more than happy to provide it to people who wanted a drink. We likely wouldn’t even have known who Al Capone was without prohibition.

Then we banned illicit drugs, eventually getting to the point of declaring war on it in 1971. Now, in 2022, we have an opioid epidemic on our hands despite that.

Look, I’m no anarchist. I believe there is a place for laws in our world. Some things absolutely should be illegal.

Yet laws are only good for punishing criminals, not stopping them. We outlawed murder millennia ago, yet we still have murders. Likewise with robbery and burglary, yet those also plague us.

But we have laws to punish those who do so, and that’s kind of the point of those laws.

Gun control laws, however, don’t stop criminals from getting guns. They’ll just look to steal them, even if the best place to steal them from is the police themselves.

No law is going to stop this from happening.

But do you know what they can stop? Law-abiding citizens from having the means to defend themselves from bad people with guns.