You may not like it, but Marjorie Taylor Greene is right

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

Marjorie Taylor Greene has had a tumultuous time in Congress. While she was stripped of all committee assignments and, as a relatively junior member of the House lacks any real power in that chamber, yet the media trips over themselves to cover her every action.


That’s what happened recently when a group of anti-gun activists confronted the pro-gun Greene this week.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) called a gun control activist a “coward” Thursday in a heated sidewalk exchange about school shootings.

The Georgia Republican posted a video on Twitter of several loud exchanges she had with citizens who expressed concerns about the country’s rash of mass shootings.

Now, that’s where the focus of most has been, though some sites are alleging Greene kicked one of them.

However, that’s not what they should have focused on. Instead, it’s something else she told the activists.

Greene eventually suggested every person questioning her support of an unrestricted Second Amendment find another place to live.

“Like I said, you guys should move to some country where you can’t have guns,” she shouted. “The whole world is an all-you-can-eat buffet of governments. Move to one that fits your beliefs.”

Now, many will hear this and think, “Why should we have to leave,” but Greene brings up a good point that they’re not going to like.

You see, when you look around the world, literally every other nation has more strict gun control than the United States, though many are far more violent. Still, if you are so passionate about how gun control is essential, why not look at moving to one of those places?

As for us, that’s not an option. For the pro-gun person, there’s nowhere else to go. This country is our line in the sand, the place we cannot leave. We can’t because there’s nowhere for us to land.


If gun control is such an issue, there are dozens of countries whose policies are going to be to your liking. If it’s that big of a deal, go forth and find your paradise.

Ours is here. Gun laws in the US are better than everywhere else.

Folks may not like it, but Greene’s comment is absolutely right. It’s telling them that if they value those laws, then seek the opportunity to live under them over there rather than trying to foist them on the rest of us against our will and the Second Amendment.

But they won’t.

Greene’s comment was included at the bottom simply because they don’t want to address it. That’s because there really isn’t a whole lot they can say that won’t be whining nonsense. They don’t want to move and so they want to import terrible ideas from abroad and thing we should roll over and just let it happen because they want it so hard.


If you want it bad enough, then venture forth with my hardy bon voyage to you.

If you keep trying to push it here, though, we’re going to have some significant issues.

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