Two arrested in NY for "ghost guns," illegal magazines

(AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, File)

The state of New York has some very strict gun control laws on the books. Gun control advocates tell us over and over again that gun control works.

This would explain why, despite the state’s ban on so-called ghost guns and higher capacity magazines, two men in upstate New York were just arrested for having both.


State police say two Upstate New York men had “numerous” ghost guns and large capacity ammunition feeding devices not compliant with the NY SAFE Act.

Duane G. Hollenbeck, 53, of Moravia in Cayuga County, and Alec D. Hollenbeck, 19, of Lincklaen in Chenango County, are now facing two felony charges: second- and third-degree criminal possession of a weapon, according to state police.

Nah, can’t be.

Gun control works, or so I’m told, so this is simply unpossible!

See, the problem with gun control isn’t just that it infringes on people’s rights. It does that, of course, but it doesn’t just do that. It also simply doesn’t work.

These two are accused of having items that are forbidden in the state of New York, including the unserialized firearms the media loves calling “ghost guns.” These two were allegedly in possession of those and higher capacity magazines, none of which are lawful for them to own in the state.

Criminals don’t follow laws. They’ll get whatever they want however they want. Plus, in the era of the 3D printer, gun control just isn’t feasible.

We don’t quite know how these two build their “ghost guns,” of course. Maybe they got kits out of state. Maybe they had them before the laws were passed banning them. They might have used a 3D printer. Regardless, though, they broke the law and were able to find a way to do what the state said they couldn’t do.

That’s why gun control doesn’t work.

Yet do you know who followed the rules? That would be the people who wouldn’t have been a threat to anyone regardless.


For the law-abiding, you could give them a rocket launcher without worrying if they would misuse it. Meanwhile, the violent felon can and will kill with their bare hands if nothing else is available to them. Disarming the law-abiding doesn’t make anyone safer…except the criminals who would prey upon them.

New York has plenty of gun control laws, yet New York City is seeing a whole lot of so-called gun crime, including the proliferation of “ghost guns” despite the numerous laws against them. If gun control worked, that simply wouldn’t be the case.

“But they get guns from out of state!”

Then why aren’t those states just as violent? That’s the question anti-gunners simply cannot answer. Instead, they blame unserialized firearms, magazines with a higher capacity than they like, or really anything they can blame instead of acknowledging that they screwed up.

Gun control doesn’t work. It’s never going to work. Studies that claim it does are, at best, flawed. It’s time to relegate it to the dustbin of history and to try a different approach.

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