DA claims there are "too many gun"...in Boston

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Massachusetts isn’t exactly a gun mecca. The rules for getting guns there are draconian and a whole lot of people simply don’t bother. The state has one of the lowest gun ownership rates in the nation.


Yet the DA in Boston thinks the problem they’re having with regard to violent crime is that there are just too many guns.

Police in Boston have launched an investigation after a 14-year-old male sustained fatal injuries and another juvenile was wounded on Monday.

Officers responding to a report of a shot spotter activation in the area of 2990 Washington Street in city’s Roxbury section around 12 p.m. found a man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, according to the Boston Police Department.

One of the victims a 14-year-old juvenile, was taken to area hospital for the treatment of life-threatening injuries. According to Boston Police, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Suffolk District Attorney Kevin Hayden expressed great concern over the brazen nature of the incident.

“We have too many guns on our streets. This is another shooting in broad daylight on a holiday,” Hayden said during a news conference. “It’s concerning. I can tell you that when I was in the DA’s office on homicide response, I don’t remember responding to this many daytime shootings. There seem to be more and more of them.”


Again, this is a city in a state tied with New Jersey with the lowest gun ownership rate in the entire nation. Their 14.7 rate is lower than nations like France, Germany, Sweden, Iceland, and a whole bunch of other nations often held up as examples by the gun control crowd.

If that rate isn’t low enough, then what rate is it?

The problem in Boston isn’t too many guns, but too many people willing to kill. Unlike Hayden, I don’t particularly care if the homicides are during the day or night. A murder is a murder and I won’t feel better if someone I care about is killed in the dark as opposed to high noon.

It’s a people issue, not a gun issue.

Then again, Boston cut $10 million from their police budget in 2020 and reallocated that in a way that groups like Black Lives Matter prefer. Those efforts have clearly been a spectacular failure, must like the state’s plethora of gun control laws.

Massachusetts has long been an anti-gun bastion, a place anti-Second Amendment types could look to and hold up as an example for other states to follow. Yet the question is, why should anyone do so?


Clearly, such measures aren’t having the impact desired, nor did defunding the police and trying to address “inequity.”

There aren’t too many guns in Boston.

The problem is that there are too few.

Criminals know there’s not much chance of an armed citizen being around. They’re free to do as they please because so long as they don’t see a cop–and after chopping a huge amount from the department’s budget, they’re less likely to–they know there will be no one left to oppose them if they want to hurt someone.

More armed citizens would change that perception and put quite a few of these people on notice.

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