Stacey Abrams has private security, wants to make you less safe

Stacey Abrams has private security, wants to make you less safe
Kevin Wolf/AP Images for The Roosevelt Institute

To say I’m not a Stacey Abrams fan is to put it far too mildly.

This is a woman who wants to completely upend the Second Amendment here in the state I was born, raised, and still live. She has no respect for the right to keep and bear arms.


And yet, as NSSF’s Larry Keane points out, she spends thousands on private security.

Georgia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams denied she lost her last bout against Republican Gov. Brian Kemp in 2018. She’s trying again and there’s no denying her gun control agenda would be a disaster for Georgians’ Second Amendment rights.

Abrams’ antigun platform isn’t the only problem. Her Second Amendment hypocrisy is what should have Georgians hopping mad.

Abrams has spent more than $1.2 million on private armed security all while calling for Georgians to give up their rights to protect themselves.

For Me, Not For Thee

Abrams’ anti-Second Amendment platform is well known. She spent a decade in the Georgia state legislature, including six years as Democratic minority leader, where she championed gun control. She introduced gun confiscation legislation deemed “some of the strictest gun regulation in the nation.”

The sheer callousness of her gun control agenda is revealing. Since December 2021, Abrams’ campaign spent more than $120,000 every month on security, Fox News reported. That’s two times the median household income of $61,000 in the Peach State. Firearm industry retail survey data revealed during the historic firearm buying stretch beginning in 2020, the average purchase price a law-abiding gun buyer spent was about $595.


Abrams wants to repeal constitutional carry, ban “assault weapons,” and institute red flag laws that will strip people of their right to keep and bear arms without any due process of law.

But she sits there dropping hundreds of thousands on private security.

Now, understand, I actually don’t begrudge anyone hiring private security if they can afford it.  I would if I could myself. For me, it’s like hiring a plumber or an electrician. I might be able to do the job, but if I can afford it, let the professionals handle it.

The problem is Abrams wants to interfere with my ability to handle it myself and sees nothing wrong with it because she outsources the job. That’s an issue.

It’s also hypocritical.

See, she’s basically saying that she’s more deserving of protection than my wife and kids are. She’s promising an assault on our Second Amendment rights if she’s elected while forking out thousands to be protected by the very guns she wants to restrict.

There’s a reason a lot of people have an issue with Abrams.


Luckily, she’s not doing as well in the polls as she’d like, a point that Cam touched on yesterday. Her gun control message, one many thought would do well here in Georgia, simply isn’t. That’s because people like Abrams took discomfort over constitutional carry and considered it a mandate for California-style gun laws.

Well, it’s not working out for her. It seems Georgia voters don’t hypocrisy any more than I do.

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