Wyoming community college bans guns due to insurance

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Many states have campus carry. They allow people who are permitted to own and carry a firearm to do so on college campuses.

Now, this often precludes a lot of students, simply because they’re not old enough to get a permit anyway. It’s usually not until their junior or senior year they hit that 21-year-old mark and can start carrying.


However, a lot of places don’t permit it.

In Wyoming, things get sketchier, and now one community college there is restricting guns for the dumbest of reasons.

The Western Wyoming Community College Board of Trustees unanimously passed a revised gun control policy measure that’s designed to address the concerns about too-broad language, which the board had previously expressed.

During October’s meeting in Green River, the board approved the revised policy after reviewing it one more time.

At the board’s September 8 meeting, Western Vice President for Administrative Services Burt Reynolds said insurers both current and prospective had expressed strong concerns that Western lacked a comprehensive campus-wide gun ban.

Reynolds sought to rectify that shortcoming, but had run into board concerns that a too-broad gun ban would apply not only to Western students, employees and visitors, but also to law enforcement personnel who may need to come on campus for training purposes or to deal with an actual emergency.

As revised, the new Western policy simply states, “The College prohibits employees, students and visitors from possessing, using or storing weapons on College property. Use of weapons by law enforcement personnel are exempt from this prohibition.”


The ban includes firearms but also pocket knives with blades longer than four inches among a number of other instruments such as “clubs.”

It’s a good thing the school doesn’t have a baseball or softball team then because their bats are illegal on campus.

Look, I think the school made the wrong decision here, but I also understand how they made it. It’s one thing to not be particularly pro-Second Amendment. Not everyone is.

But for the insurance companies to have any concerns about this is asinine.

Law-abiding citizens are the only ones who adhere to gun bans. The fact that we even have a debate ongoing about school shootings should be ample evidence of just how little good such bans do. Insurance companies should, at least in theory, be aware of just that.

However, I can honestly say I don’t recall a single mass shooting taking place at a college in a state with campus carry. There might be one, of course, but damned if I can remember it.

There aren’t even many shootings at all in states with campus carry, and those that do happen are almost universally by people who couldn’t lawfully carry in the first place.


Insurance actuarial tables should make this clear.

For the insurance companies to make this an issue is incredibly troubling, particularly when there’s no evidence that such a ban would accomplish much of anything. Let’s remember that the worst school shooting in American history was Virginia Tech.

Virginia didn’t permit campus carry.

Why do these insurance companies think this will make a difference?

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