Seattle school officials want gun control after shooting

Seattle school officials want gun control after shooting
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The state of Washington, mostly because of Seattle, has gone well down the gun control rabbit hole over the last few years. They’ve passed a number of gun control laws and it seems like there’s a new one coming ever legislative session.


Now, school officials are claiming the state needs far more gun control laws following a shooting in one school.

Seattle school district officials and elected leaders are calling for increased safety measures and stronger gun control laws after a student was shot and killed in a Seattle public school for the first time in nearly 30 years.

A 14-year-old allegedly smuggled a gun into school then shot another student in what Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Brent Jones called a “targeted attack” in a hallway at Ingraham High School Tuesday morning. The 14-year-old and another student, 15, have been arrested. Now, officials want safety improvements, enhanced gun control and other interventions.

On Wednesday, Harrell couldn’t pinpoint a specific policy response to this incident, but suggested the state consider a number of approaches including training requirements, extended waiting periods and assault-rifle bans.

“It’s too early to know which exact gun safety measures might have prevented this tragedy. The simple fact is that there are too many guns in our communities and those guns are too easy to access,” Harrell said in a written statement, noting that “action will save lives, and inaction too often results in tragedy.”


Now, let me get this straight, a 14-year-old kid obtained a firearm despite all the state and federal laws against it, in a state with a mandatory storage law and universal background checks, and the issue is that there aren’t enough gun control laws?

Go ahead, pull the other one.

Look, there’s still a lot of information we don’t have, including how exactly this kid got the gun. Considering how it was used, I’m going to assume this was a handgun. It’s unlikely an AR-15 was going to get smuggled in very easily.

So, we have a kid with a handgun in a Seattle school.

Calls for increased school security make sense. Even if the kid has a gun, if he can’t get it into the school, no one gets hurt. I get it.

But calls for increased gun control ignore key facts.

For example, because of his age, he either obtained the gun on the black market or took it from an adult. There are laws on the books in Washington state that are supposed to prevent either of those. They clearly didn’t work.

And an assault weapon ban? If this was, in fact, a handgun, then such a law won’t accomplish a damn thing to prevent a future attack. Hell, even if it were an AR-15, this kind of tragedy can be carried out with whatever guns are left.


The issue with what happened in Seattle isn’t about guns. New gun control laws wouldn’t have prevented this from happening, especially since so many of the old ones failed. It’s time people come to understand this.

Once they do, we can start discussing real solutions.

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