Op-ed argues self-defense shootings shouldn't be celebrated

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One of the more popular things we do here on a regular basis is share armed citizen stories. These reports of people using a gun in self-defense to protect themselves or others is important from a political standpoint–it illustrates that guns are useful for defending human life–but also because we like seeing the good guy prevail.


However, not everyone agrees, apparently.

This was brought to mind earlier today when I came across this:

The day after Christmas, after washing the last of the holiday’s dirty dishes and snacking on leftover ham rolls, I put my feet up for a few minutes and scrolled through Facebook. I came across the news about the tow truck driver in Detroit who, in self-defense, shot and killed a man who reportedly attempted to rob him at gunpoint.

I want to say that this is not about guns or the right to carry or the castle doctrine or the 2nd Amendment or anything like that.

So, I don’t have a problem with guns. And I don’t have a problem with people protecting themselves and their loved ones.

What I found disgusting, though, was the celebratory reactions from people who hit the laughing emoji or heart emoji or posted “atta-boy” type comments on the report about the tow truck driver. This is not a cause for celebration. The guy who was shot did a bad thing; he may have even been a bad person. I know absolutely nothing about him other than what I read in four paragraphs.

How is it disgusting?

This was a person who threatened the life of another. Celebrating that person succeeding in protecting their life or the life of someone else is nothing more than an attempt at an affirmation, telling that armed citizen that yes, their act of self-defense is good and noble.

The author tries to argue that the armed citizen may be hurting, that this doesn’t help. I disagree, though. I Actually, think it’s of great importance because if nothing else, it tells him that others looked at what happened and believe he did the right thing.


No, that won’t be universally beneficial for everyone, but it can help.

Further, it’s a reminder that you are in fact entitled to defend yourself, and that you can and should use lethal force to put down a violent attacker who you honestly have reason to believe wants to end your life.

Plus, frankly, I refuse to feel bad because a scumbag is dead. I may have sympathy for the armed citizen who may be struggling with having had to take a human life, but not for the dirtbag who decided to threaten another person’s life.

I’ll gladly celebrate the world being rid of one more violent thug, and I’ll further refuse to apologize for that because some random woman thinks it’s “disgusting.” Frankly, I’m more moved when my wife says that after a rip a fart than I am that this rando saying it because I’m thrilled a bad guy has been removed from the world.

She’ll just have to learn to deal with the fact that her opinion isn’t really important to literally anyone who thinks this armed citizen did the right thing and are happy about it.

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