African reporter demands gun control during White House briefing

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

The idea of a reporter wanting gun control won’t be shocking to any of you. We’ve seen it a thousand times. Supposed journalists couch advocating for Second Amendment infringements in their supposedly unbiased reporting, all in an effort to sway the masses.


It’s also not surprising to see people from another country question our right to keep and bear arms. Their own rights were stripped away long ago, so long ago that no one questions them anymore.

Yet there will always be something annoying about a foreign reporter trying to push gun control while on American soil.

Tuesday afternoon’s White House press briefing brought about plenty more hardballs on President Biden’s classified documents scandal that the ever-inept Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to answer, but along the way, Angolan reporter Hariana Veras temporarily brought the briefing to a halt with two long stemwinders of leftist commentary demanding gun control.

Veras’s first sentence made it clear she wasn’t going to ask a question so much as remind viewers of why most establishment D.C. reporters were far to the left: “Karine, on gun violence, it’s very clear to everybody that gun is a problem in this country.”

She then explained that it’s “extremely scary for” Africans to see stories about a child bringing a gun to school or people dying in a movie theater when most people “have not seen war.” Asking “what…is preventing the Congress to act when it comes to gun control,” she said she asked that “because I’m a mother” and she’s scared of her children going to school out of a fear a “little — colleague…will bring a gun.”

“This is very, very scary and this is a problem and we saw recently people also dying by gun. What can President do more to move on and control the gun and please, what do you think this Congress is waiting to act,” she added.


Of course, Jean-Pierre gushed over the question and suggested Veras speak with members of Congress and ask them that same question.

However, as noted by Newsbusters, Veras touched on the reason why have guns in the first place.

[W]e need to remind people that America is the only country on earth that people die by gun without even being in war because — I’m giving this example because, in Africa, there’s countries in war, but people doesn’t even have access to gun. It’s very hard because the government and everybody’s very conscious that the guns can cause a lot of destruction. But in this country, it’s very normal for everybody to access to gun and this needs to be control[led].

She then asked Jean-Pierre what “people like me” and “common people also…can do to help control gun in this country.”

Yes, Hariana, when a government is fighting a war against its own people and there’s enormous bloodshed, wouldn’t it behoove the defenseless to have a way to fight back as opposed to being helpless when faced with a tyrannical government?


See, Veras is from Angola. That’s a nation that was devastated by nearly a quarter century of civil war where at many as 800,000 civilians were killed. Their population these days is around 34 million, just so you get some perspective on what kind of numbers we’re talking about here in relation to the total population.


We don’t have violence on that level, especially not on a per capita basis. Our government doesn’t dare turn on us because we outnumber them. While many in the military would follow orders and many others wouldn’t, we’ve got enough armed citizens out there that any would-be tyrant has to think twice.

Veras may be concerned, but if she’s that concerned, she knows the way home.

Our nation hasn’t had a bloody civil war in 158 years. Part of that is the fact that we have the right to keep and bear arms.

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