Bay Area gun store owner asks the important question

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The state of California is downright hostile toward gun ownership. They have over 100 firearm regulations on the books and they’re constantly looking to add more.


With so many laws, it’s unlikely many gun owners remember all of them, meaning anyone could be breaking state law at any given point and be completely unaware of it.

Despite that, as I said, the state is always looking to create still more rules.

And one gun store owner from the Bay Area has thoughts.

California is known for its sweeping gun control laws — something John Parkin knows all too well. He owns and operates Coyote Point Armory in Burlingame.

“As they keep tacking on these little laws every time they move along, it makes it really tough for people that want to exercise their Second Amendment right the ability to know what’s legal and what’s not legal,” he told CBS News Bay Area.

When you walk into his store, the laws couldn’t be more clear.

“I don’t know why the state doesn’t trust the people of California,” Parkin added. “I think it’s about control.”

He represents the fifth generation of his family to live on the Peninsula and says the ongoing push to enact gun control legislation actually helps his business.

“The more gun laws that they push, the more people come into the store and buy guns because they too don’t trust the government and think that they better hurry up and get a gun,” said Parkin. “Or they’re not going to be able to buy a gun in the future.”

“We benefit financially from the gun control laws,” Parkin explained. “I would rather not benefit in that way, I would rather benefit with the politicians leaving this stuff alone and regulating what needs to be regulated, which is what people do to other people.”


Parkin is clearly a monster who needs to be stopped. How dare he talk common sense in the state of California?

Now, I’m generally not a proponent of gun control really being about people control, which Parkin suggests at one point above, but only because most gun control proponents actually believe what they’re saying. For some, it’s definitely about control, but for most, I think they buy into the hype.

Yet it’s worth remembering that California saw two high-profile mass shootings in January despite the mountains of regulations on the books. Those regulations did absolutely nothing to prevent that, nor would additional gun laws.

You see, California is an insane state when it comes to guns.

By that, I mean they keep doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. That’s the very definition of insanity, after all.

The downside is that there’s absolutely no chance they won’t pass some kind of gun control, now or in the future. It seems they just can’t help themselves there, and that’s a shame because the question at the heart of Parkin’s comments is the sentiment summed up in the title of the piece: “Peninsula gun storeowner questions the need for more state laws.”


The short answer is that they don’t, but they’ll get them anyway.

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