Critics take issue with Biden's gun control efforts

Jacquelyn Martin, Pool

The issue of gun control isn’t disappearing anytime soon, I’m afraid. That’s especially true with President Joe Biden continuing his anti-gun efforts, most recently with his executive order.


Ostensibly, this is a response to growing violent crime and, at least in theory, concerns over mass shootings.

However, critics argue that this punishes the entire nation over what’s happening in Democrat-controlled cities.

Biden claimed in a California speech earlier this week his order will “accelerate and intensify this work to save lives more quickly” and called on another federal assault weapons ban, which the state’s senior senator, Sen. Dianne Feinstein. authored in 1994.

He then called for Republicans to pass his budget instead of allegedly seeking to “abolish the FBI.”

On “The Five” Wednesday, co-host Greg Gutfeld cited the statistically inordinate amount of violent crime in liberal precincts like Chicago, which lacks a single Republican on its city council, but has one of the highest violent crime rates in the country.

“There is a country within a country that has insane gun crime,” he said. “A specific country within a country. But it’s Biden’s people — these are liberal mayors in liberal cities that are having rampant gun crime.”

“You can say, oh, but it’s a red state: Doesn’t matter. It’s in these cities. So it’s a country within a country.” Gutfeld added, responding to critics who may point to high-crime cities like Philadelphia, New Orleans and Atlanta lying within swing- or Republican-majority states.


Gutfeld isn’t wrong, either.

The truth of the matter is that cities are where you tend to find the violence in the first place, often in states without preemption, meaning these cities are able to pass gun control without state-level issues.

In fact, many have.

And yet, we continue to see violent crime surging. Why is that?

A lot of it has to do with one very simple, inescapable fact: Criminals aren’t impacted by gun control.

Bad guys get their guns in a number of ways, but it’s rare for them to walk into a gun store and lawfully purchase a firearm, only to use it for criminal actions a short time later. In fact, the time between a gun being sold by a dealer to its being used in a crime is measured in years, not days.

That’s because it takes time for someone to steal it in the first place.

Biden’s gun control agenda ignores this simple fact and instead tries to treat law-abiding citizens as if they were criminals.

In fact, I’d imagine a law that restricts the number of people living per square mile would have a more positive outcome with regard to crime than anything gun control-related ever would. I’m not saying I want such a law, only that my own observations suggest that cities are a bigger problem than guns are.


Not that the Biden administration would even consider that as a possibility since he’ll be relying on those cities come 2024.

Regardless, gun control isn’t the answer. Then again, it’s not like anti-gunners actually care.

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