Australian gunsmith has important warning for Americans

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Australia used to be a fairly free nation when it came to guns. It might not have been perfect, but it sure looked like they had respect for people’s right to keep and bear arms.


Then they didn’t.

Following a mass shooting, Australia began and the kind of anti-gun campaign some activists here in the US can only dream of.

After Nashville, some are trying to push just such an agenda, but an Australian gunsmith has a warning for us.

In a stark warning to U.S. gun owners, Australian weapons manufacturer Lance French says firearm control laws—once introduced—never stop expanding.

The owner of SGS Industries made the comments during the Western Australian Firearms Community Alliance meeting on April 1.

The meeting of gun owners and industry experts was held in reaction to impending state laws that will expand the gun control regime to ban high-powered firearms.

“Gun control doesn’t stop at a particular gun. It just keeps going. It’s relentless. It doesn’t stop,” French told The Epoch Times. “They’re making these false claims that certain items are dangerous when what’s dangerous is a person, and it’s a very low percentage of people.”

“They started the buyback, they got rid of semi-auto stuff, and they just kept going,” French said.

“What the U.S. can learn from us is that we are a living testament to the fact that it won’t stop. We’re down to bolt action rifles, and pump action rifles—can’t even have a pump action shotgun unless you fit certain criteria—it’s really restrictive, and you can’t even do it for self-defence.”


French knows what he’s talking about, too, because he’s watched it up close.

Here’s the thing we have to remember. No gun grabber says they want a total gun ban. Yet if they’re pressed as to where their line in the sand is, where they will stop supporting gun control, remarkably few will say anything beyond saying they don’t want a total gun ban.

Some won’t even go that far, but most will at least pretend they don’t want such a thing.

The problem is, as French notes, the goalposts keep moving. Australian gun control followed the Port Arthur shooting, but despite relatively low rates of violent crime, they’re still pushing for more and more gun control. They won’t stop until they’re as close to a total ban as they can manage.

And a total ban isn’t really on the table. Remarkably few nations have total bans on guns. There are usually a few people who can get them, and our own gun control activists are often people who want firearms for themselves, just no one else, so I have no doubts they’re not interested in a total ban.

What they want, though, is still enough to restrict who can own what and to drastically infringe on our right to keep and bear arms.


So French’s warning is dire, but many of us already know it to be true. We’ve seen how it goes elsewhere and we’re more than willing to learn from those other places.

Give in on guns once and you’ll be expected to give in again and again.

It’s like the cake metaphor my friend Law Dog likes to use. They’ll keep taking pieces of it until the entire cake is gone, all while trying to implore us to be “reasonable.” Well, that’s not reasonable and we want our cake back.

Australians want theirs back, but it’s pretty much gone at this point. We can still hold the line.

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