Brazilian attack undermines anti-gun argument

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To hear the typical gun control advocate tell it, the problem we have in this country is that there are too many guns. If we didn’t have such ready access to firearms, there wouldn’t be all these brutal attacks. They tell us our children would finally be safe.


Well, that sounds swell.

The problem is that no one told this guy from Brazil that.

Police are investigating an incident in Brazil in which four children were hacked to death by a man with a hatchet at a daycare center.

The incident unfolded in the city of Blumenau in the south Brazil near the Atlantic coast on Wednesday.

Authorities said the man jumped over a wall to invade the Cantinho do Bom Pastor day care center and attack the children. Four children were killed and at least five others were injured. Local police said that the children were between the ages of 5 and 7.

The 25-year-old male suspect fled after teachers came to aid the children, and he later turned himself in without incident at a police station.

Police detective Ronnie Esteves told reporters that investigators are still trying to ascertain the motive for the attack. They said that the man did not appear to have a connection to the center, which offers preschool education and after-school activities in addition to day care.

Honestly, this is awful and clearly, we’re talking about someone with some kind of derangement.

What we’re also seeing is why focusing exclusively on gun control is a ridiculous way to supposedly keep our children safe.

This guy was in one of the most gun-controlled nations on Earth. While former President Javier Bolsonaro worked to reform the nation’s gun laws, they’re still more tightly controlled than anywhere in the United States.

And yet, four children are dead in a mass murder.


When the deranged want to slaughter the innocent, they’ll use whatever they have available, even if it’s a hatchet.

“But it could have been so much worse if he’d had a gun,” someone will undoubtedly claim.

However, I’d point out that it could have been much worse in this case even without a gun. The alleged killer just stopped ultimately of his own accord. It’s not like he was forced to run away. He didn’t meet armed resistance. He just didn’t want to hack up an adult, so he left.

Yes, he’s pathetic on top of deranged.

But my overall point is that even if you made guns disappear, you’ll still have turdnuggets like this running around.

Even if you have red flag laws in place and take a dangerous person’s guns, you didn’t prevent them from doing something like this instead.

Hatchets don’t kill people, people kill people.

Further, no one is blaming the hatchet here. They’re not because they can see that the problem is not the tool but the tool using it.

On every level, this undermines the gun control argument.

Which is why you shouldn’t expect to see much on this in the mainstream news.

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