Colorado semi-auto ban not likely to pass

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

The state of Colorado is set to implement a number of new gun control bills this legislative session. To be sure, a number of measures were introduced and most of them are already on their way to the governor’s desk.


One, however, isn’t.

That bill is a semi-automatic ban, the seeming Holy Grail of gun control these days. While Colorado has gone deep into the territory of an anti-gun state, that semi-auto ban might be a bit too far even for them.

Months after the state’s latest mass shooting, Colorado’s Democratic-controlled Legislature has passed a package of gun control measures that are expected to be signed by the state’s governor and more closely align it with the liberal strongholds of California and New York.

The proposals include strengthening red flag laws, raising the firearm purchasing age to 21, opening the gun industry up to legal liability and installing a three-day waiting period after buying a gun.

A measure set to be debated Wednesday that would implement a sweeping ban on semi-automatic firearms faces much stiffer odds and illustrates that even Democratic-controlled statehouses don’t have free rein on overhauling laws rooted deep in American culture.

Hundreds of people have signed up to testify at the proposal’s first hearing in what is expected to be a passionate hearing with a mix of gun owners opposing the measure and supporters campaigning to reduce gun violence that plagues the country.


What bothers me the most is that anyone at all would even consider such a thing.

We just saw the Bruen decision come down, a decision that made it very clear what criteria needed to be cleared in order for a law to be considered as constitutional.

There’s absolutely no chance that such a semi-auto ban would be considered constitutional by that criteria, and yet, Colorado is still holding hearings on the bill.

By the time you read this, the hearing will have started. However, they may still be ongoing, too.

That’s right. 24 hours of hearings on a bill. That’s just insane to me.

Yet it’s also clearly necessary. My hope is that the vast majority of those are telling lawmakers to knock this nonsense off. Colorado has bigger problems and a semi-auto ban is going too far.

Further, it’s not necessary to use a weapon that would be banned under the proposal in order to kill a whole lot of people. We’ve seen that throughout history.


So there’s absolutely no use for this bill.

As such, it seems unlikely there will be quite enough support to pass the measure. That’s the good news.

The bad, however, is that lawmakers in Colorado will tweak it a bit and decide to try again next year or the year after that. It’s never going to be over until there’s absolutely no room for curtailing people’s rights there anymore.

Since the state seems unwilling to put and end to that, likely thanks to California transplants, they’ll keep having this fight.

I’m afraid it seems like it’s just a matter of time before Colorado residents get royally hosed on this, but I’m begging to be proven wrong.

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