Media reports Tennessee teachers want gun control

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In the wake of a shooting in Nashville, we’re going to talk a lot about gun control in Tennessee. While lawmakers there don’t seem to have much interest in passing a great deal of it, with at least one notable exception, the media there seems to feel otherwise.


So, it’s not surprising that we have a report all about how teachers want gun control.

In the weeks since the shooting at The Covenant School, a private Christian elementary school in Nashville, left three adults and three nine-year-olds dead, she’s had a “lot of ups and downs.”

“It’s a lot of emotions,” Smith said. “I’ve gone from scared and terrified, to kinda just really pissed off. So mad that I could kinda just punch anybody.”

Smith said she is “a lover, not a fighter” though.

So as Tennessee lawmakers have debated – and then failed – to introduce gun control legislation in the wake of shooting or made national news after expelling two House representatives for calling for gun reform, Smith has channeled her anger into advocacy.

She’s among an increasing number of educators joining the thousands who have rallied, marched and protested, calling for change – and begging lawmakers to listen to them.

Whether the lawmakers will ultimately meet for a special session called by Gov. Bill Lee to address gun reform after the regular session adjourned last week is still unclear.

Some educators, like Smith, remain hopeful – but others are wary.

Of course, it’s always funny how these are the stories the media runs with. They never seem to look for pro-gun educators who oppose gun control or want to carry a firearm into the classroom so they can protect their students.

No, they amplify people like this:

As Tennessee House Republicans recently moved to pass legislation to arm teachers – before punting it to expedite the end of the session – DeVore joined the educators decrying such efforts.

“I’m a teacher, not a soldier,” DeVore said. He’s not hopeful that lawmakers will listen – or that things will change enough when it comes to access to guns to prevent a tragedy from happening at a school again.


You’re damn right you’re not a soldier. If you were a soldier, you’d have no say in what you do or what you carry after you enlisted.

As a teacher, you have the right to decide for yourself whether you want to carry a firearm or not. It should be up to you to make that call.

The problem is that people like this don’t want anyone else to make that call, either. They pretend that they’re going to get issued firearms like they’re law enforcement when that’s not what anyone is talking about.

What’s more, the media doesn’t even look for a teacher to counter the nonsense spewed by people who aren’t nearly as well educated on this topic as they like to believe. Sure, they might quote a lawmaker or an activist, but rarely another teacher who actually wants to carry a firearm.

But this is how gun control gets pushed.

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