Brady tweet actually runs counter to their cause

(AP Photo/John Filo)

Gun control groups like Brady are full of people who will tell you that you don’t need a gun. Instead, you should call the government for help. That’s what they’re there for.


And, truth be told, plenty of people do trust people like the police to protect them from crime and the military to protect them from tyranny.

Yet a lot of us don’t, and that’s the kind of thing one might expect Brady to try and work toward changing.

A tweet from yesterday, however, isn’t likely to do that.

Now, understand that I’m not interested in talking about what happened at Kent State. I know the official story about it, but I’ve become so distrustful of official stories that I don’t actually care to recount something that may not be remotely true.

However, what is true is that Brady is talking about “state-sanctioned gun violence” while simultaneously doing everything they can to make it so the state is the only one with guns in the first place.


Let’s remember, for example, that they tend to push to include law enforcement exceptions to just about every gun control bill they support. State-sanctioned gun violence, as they call it, is so awful they want to make sure only the state can have certain guns deemed too dangerous for you or me.

We also should remember that Kent State wasn’t the police. It was the National Guard. That’s military. There’s absolutely no push by Brady to disarm or restrict the military from having certain weapons, now is there?

Yet if state-sanctioned homicide is a problem that we should be prepared to address, how in the hell are we to do that if ordinary citizens are disarmed?

Without an armed populace, Kent State would cease being a historical anomaly and become simply the first of numerous other atrocities.

After all, I’m sure the people at Brady can think of a number of politicians they distrust with power. Everyone can.

If one of them gained power, though, and didn’t have to worry about an armed populace, just what would they do? Just how badly would they shift our nation on the spectrum between freedom and tyranny?


State-sanctioned gun violence wouldn’t be a newsworthy event that gets its own entry in the history books. It would become the norm as the tyrants herd their enemies together and gun them down.

Brady needs to decide what it wants to be.

You can’t argue about state-sanctioned gun violence on one hand and then demand that only the state have guns. That just doesn’t make any sense.

And don’t tell me gun control activists don’t want to ban guns. We know better.

Then again, this is Brady we’re talking about. They’re not known for making a whole lot of sense in the first place.

Kent State cannot be allowed to happen again, they tell us, but we should totally make sure that Kent State can and will happen again while making sure no one can ever resist a state that looks at that event not as a cautionary tale but as a good idea.

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