Three killed in Nottingham, UK van attack

We’re told the UK doesn’t have mass shootings like we do because of their gun control laws. However, that’s simply not the case.

For one thing, they’ve had as many, if not more mass murders since they enacted their draconian gun control schemes than they had before. Further, as we can see from an incident in Nottingham, England, you don’t actually need a gun to commit mass murder.


British police said a man had been arrested on suspicion of murder after three people were found dead on the street in the central English city of Nottingham and three others were in hospital after an attempt to run them over with a van.

Police said two people had been found dead on one road in the centre of the city just after 4 a.m. (0300 GMT) before officers were alerted to another incident not far away where someone driving a van had tried to run over three people.

They are being treated in hospital.

Another man was also found dead in a road just outside the city centre.

“This is an horrific and tragic incident which has claimed the lives of three people,” Chief Constable Kate Meynell said.

“We believe these three incidents are all linked and we have a man in custody. This investigation is at its early stages and a team of detectives is working to establish exactly what has happened.”

Three dead and three injured sounds a lot like a mass shooting, though the weapon, in this case, was a van. Somehow, I doubt the UK will enact van control.

In the process, though, this kind of shatters a few long-held beliefs by the anti-gun side of things.

For one, let’s talk about red flag laws. The idea is that if you take the guns from someone, they can’t commit a mass shooting. In theory, assuming the law works just as designed, that might be true. It doesn’t stop them from, say, using a van like we just saw in Nottingham. Does anyone feel better that their loved ones were run over as opposed to being shot? Murdered is murdered, after all.


Nottingham isn’t the first such attack we’ve seen. The worst was in Nice, France where 86 people were killed and more than 400 injured in a similar attack.

Bad people don’t need guns to do bad things, but good people do need guns to stop them.

Had one of the dead in Nottingham been able to lawfully carry a firearm, they might have been able to defend themselves. It’s not a guarantee–a gun is a weapon, not a magic talisman to ward off evil, after all–but it can help.

Obviously, my condolences go out to the families of those killed and I pray those injured make a full recovery.

This will likely be ignored by our media. After all, this won’t advance the narrative that guns are bad. It won’t advance any narrative they care to push, so they’ll just pretend it never happened.

But it did and we know it. We also know it shatters the illusion that gun control will stop mass murders.

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