Gun control groups to meet with Biden in anti-gun summit

AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File

Had President Donald Trump held a pro-gun summit with groups like the NRA, GOA, FPC, SAF, and others, I’m pretty sure the media would have exploded.

But it seems they don’t mind when President Joe Biden wants to do the opposite.


That’s right. The president is currently planning a summit with anti-gun groups to discuss “gun safety.”

Work is underway for a national gun safety summit that’s going to be held in Connecticut later this week.

President Joe Biden is among those expected to attend.

Advocates say there is still work to be done when it comes to gun violence.

During a violent weekend across America, dozens were struck by gunfire – some killed – including in San Francisco, Houston and Annapolis, Maryland.

“It’s just heartbreaking to see this public health crisis, this shooting epidemic, just raging out of control in this country and knowing that, you know, dying by gun violence, being injured by gun violence is not inevitable, and that it is preventable,” said Mark Barden, Sandy Hook Promise.

Among those expected to attend will be President Biden, gun safety advocates and members of violence prevention programs.

Part of the focus for the event is on implementing the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act which was passed last year.

That’s right. Our tax dollars are going toward getting Biden to a summit that’s dedicated to infringing upon our Second Amendment rights.

And make no mistake, all this “gun safety” and “violence prevention” talk is euphemism. They’re all about gun control. It’s about creating restrictions for our basic human rights, rights enshrined in the Constitution.

And we all know that it wouldn’t be tolerated if a president went the other direction. Let’s not forget how outraged people were when Trump attended the NRA annual convention in Indianapolis. They lost their minds, and that was just a speaking engagement not unlike those every other president engages in.


Had he gone to a gathering of pro-gun groups to meet with them, it would have been insane.

But this is what we’re up against. The media provides the cover for these groups, using their euphemistic terms to hide the fact that they’re all gun control groups and everyone involved is a gun control advocate. They just dress it up in less controversial language so it’s easy for the media to convince people to listen.

It’s hard not to be a conspiracy theorist in this day and age, but this isn’t a conspiracy. Not as most people think of it. This is just a bunch of like-minded folks making individual choices to do this kind of thing and all so they can strip you of at least some of your rights.

And Biden will be knee-deep in it.

He might not realize he’s there, mind you, but we know that he wouldn’t have an issue either way. This is what we’re dealing with here and now and if we don’t step up and start winning hearts and minds, we’re going to find our rights slip away from us.

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