First Lady omits interesting comment in CA anti-gun speech

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

The Biden administration is notoriously anti-gun. We all know this and we knew this would be how it would go with old Joe in the White House.

So it’s not overly surprising that the first lady shares those opinions, at least in public. While first ladies are free to have whatever opinions they want to have, it’s generally bad form to express them publicly. It causes headaches no one wants to deal with.


Which makes her recent comments in California on gun control interesting.

First Lady Jill Biden was in the Bay Area Tuesday raising money for her husband’s campaign but also raising the issue of gun control.

“The number of children we’ve lost to mass shootings in unfathomable,” she said. “The number of parents and siblings, teachers, journalists, police, innocence of every age.”

Dr. Biden called for measures like universal background checks, banning assault weapons and holding gun manufacturers liable for their role in deadly shootings.

First, gun manufacturers have zero role in deadly shootings. The firearm industry is so heavily regulated that they can’t have a role, even if they wanted to. While you can “buy” a gun online, you can’t obtain it without undergoing the NICS background check performed in person by an FFL holder.

“But the marketing!”

No one has shown a damn bit of data that these killers have ever even seen gun companies’ marketing. How could they have been influenced by ads they’ve never seen?


Yet there’s an interesting thing about this piece, especially as this was in California. There’s no mention of support for Gov. Gavin Newsom’s anti-gun amendment proposal.

This would be a fine time to offer support for the amendment if the White House were interested in voicing it. After all, the first lady is right there, among a friendly crowd, and what do we hear? Nothing.

It’s not like the Bidens shifted from being anti-gun, after all. In fact, most of the proposals she brought up are included in Newsom’s comments. It would have been easy to address the amendment and offer support, yet there’s nothing.

Is that because the White House is hesitant to back a new constitutional amendment? Or is it something else?

Either way, it didn’t come up and that doesn’t help Newsom.

Nor does it really do much else, really. After all, the first lady managed to tell people who agreed with her that she agreed with them and that, by extension, so did the president. Wow. No one is shocked at all.


It doesn’t change the fact that none of those proposals will actually stop things like mass shootings. After all, mass shooters usually aren’t prosecuted for anything prior to their mass shootings. As such, they pass background checks. Banning so-called assault weapons not only isn’t going to survive legal challenge, people forget that Virginia Tech is the worst school shooting in American history and it was carried out with a couple of handguns.

On every level, the Biden administration’s anti-gun agenda is the wrong agenda.

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