NSSF takes aim at Biden's latest anti-gun ramblings

NSSF takes aim at Biden's latest anti-gun ramblings
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We’ve talked about President Joe Biden’s latest gun control remarks, such as they are. We’re probably going to be talking about them for a while. After all, that level of idiocy often requires more careful attention than a few posts.


But plenty of people have reason to speak up. One of those is Larry Keane from NSSF.

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, we have a problem. The President is on the loose again, uttering nonsense about the Second Amendment.

President Joe Biden spoke to a collection of political donors as he’s gearing up his 2024 re-election campaign and used his gun control grindstone to churn out well-worn and discredited Second Amendment tropes. The problem is – it’s all malarky. No kidding, man.

President Joe Biden might just be the lying dog-face pony soldier he accuses others of being.

His description as a “Second Amendment guy” might come as a surprise to other “Second Amendment guys.” That doesn’t normally include ideas like universal background checks that would require a national firearm owner registry, restrictions that would ban entire classes of firearms, repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) to allow frivolous lawsuits against firearm manufacturers for the criminal misuse of lawfully sold firearms by remote third parties or – as the president points out here – a clear ignorance of the National Firearms Act.

Fox News reported, correctly, that the Second Amendment makes no mention of firearm restrictions. Gun control laws at the federal level didn’t start until 1934 when the National Firearms Act was signed by President Franklin Roosevelt. That’s 143 years later.

Americans can legally own machine guns, although it is extremely restricted. No automatic firearm produced after May 1986 is available for commercial sale but those produced before then can be – and are – legally owned. Owners have to pay a $200 tax stamp and register them with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

When it comes to cannons, well, President Biden blasted that one too. It was legal to own a cannon when the Second Amendment was ratified in 1791. It’s still legal to own one today.


Now, we’ve debunked a lot of Biden’s claims, and Keane points out a lot of other cases where the president has either lied or just been too ignorant to know what he’s talking about.

And believe me, this is hardly an all-inclusive list.

At every turn, Biden pontificates on guns, gets pretty much every fact wrong, and the mainstream media does its best to cover for him. It throws a few fact-checks in because these whoppers just can’t be ignored, but for the most part, there’s never any real pushback.

We know there’s not because he keeps repeating that nonsense about cannons. If they really pushed back–asking tough questions during White House briefings, challenging the president on the occasions they can ask him an actual question, etc–then someone would get the hint and steer him away from that line.

They don’t because he’s too insulated to see he’s making himself look even dumber than we thought he was.

Honestly, it’s kind of impressive since I didn’t think that was achievable, yet here we are.

Biden is going to keep doubling down on this, all while ignoring the elephant in the room. Hunter’s gun charges are basically nothing, and that’s something. The silence of most anti-gun voices in the room is deafening, all while the president continues to push these lies, misrepresentations, and fictions to the American public in an effort to gin up more support for gun control.


The hypocrisy burns.

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