President Biden has a gun control problem

President Biden has a gun control problem
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President Joe Biden is very proud of last year’s gun control law. After all, he campaigned on gun control and was able to get a bit through a very divided Congress. Were it not for the fact that the bill is a pile of steaming garbage, it would be quite an accomplishment.


Yet it seems there’s a problem with it.

It seems that the general public is largely unaware of the law.

It’s been a year since President JOE BIDEN signed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act into law, breaking a 30-year dry spell for gun legislation.

And, by all indications, it should be a boon politically for him. At 76 percent support among battleground voters, the gun law is nearly just as popular as Biden’s infrastructure legislation (77 percent), and even more so than the Inflation Reduction Act (70 percent), according to a new poll released Monday and first shared with West Wing Playbook by Global Strategy Group, commissioned by Giffords.

The problem? A huge swath of voters don’t know it’s passed.

The high approval rating in the poll came only after voters were told about the law. In fact, 56 percent of voters in key battleground states — Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin — said they had heard nothing about the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act.

Now, it seems that some believe that as Biden goes and talks about this law in the near future, this will be a significant boon for his re-election campaign.

I wouldn’t be so sure, though.

Let’s note that this poll was conducted by Giffords. That means the people providing the script explaining to respondents what the law does were doing so from one written by gun control advocates and was likely to be so heavily biased as to be laughable.

When people find out less biased information, that support may well fall apart.


And let’s be honest, a lack of familiarity with the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act isn’t Biden’s real gun control problem. That’s the fact that despite championing gun control and arguing vehemently in favor of tougher enforcement for anyone who violates the law, his own son got a sweetheart deal that will keep him from a felony conviction.

While his allies try to spin it in the media, I can’t help but believe that is Biden’s real gun control problem. We have a man who we know was using illicit drugs and lied on a federal form and he’s walking because his daddy is on top of the heap.

Most people in this country might understand why Biden would want something like this to happen, they also know it’s not right that Hunter gets a pass while others don’t.

And now Politico, where the above-linked piece originated, has a problem, too. They’re taking Giffords at face value when they claim the whole world just happens to agree with them. Politico would never do that with, say, the NRA or other pro-gun organization and we all know it.

In short, this is a biased piece of propaganda disguised as a strategy piece.

Point and laugh, but don’t dismiss the truth.

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