Tom and Cam talk a little Second Amendment turkey

A little over a month ago, I ventured over to YouTube and started a channel. There were a lot of conversations I wanted to be a part of over there, so I opted to just sort of insert myself into them.


Most of what I started with wasn’t Second Amendment stuff. That wasn’t because I didn’t intend to talk about it, I just wanted to talk about a few other things first.

After all, it’s not like I don’t have a place to talk about Second Amendment issues.

This week, though, I kicked off the gun rights discussion. I wasn’t sure who to start with, so I got some guy named Cam Edwards.

Heard of him?

Anyway, we sat down to chat about a few Second Amendment stories.

I have to say, it was fun.

What most don’t realize is that Cam and I actually talk daily. In the early days, we’d sometimes both write stories on the same thing, so we started having phone calls to coordinate a bit so as to prevent that overlap. Those phone calls often evolve into more than just making sure he’s covering that story and I’m not.

No, we tend to talk about the nuances of a given issue and, frankly, they’re a fun way to start my day, all things considered.

This wasn’t very different except for being cognizant that there was an audience. Here are some of the issues we talked about.

The Rahimi case

This is the case about to go before the Supreme Court that involves a prohibited person. Now, few are comfortable with arming violent felons, and Rahimi isn’t a particularly good guy. Still, the only reason he was prohibited was due to a protective order against him.

Anti-gunners are framing this as SCOTUS considering allowing domestic abusers to have guns, but the issue is a lot more nuanced than that. Rahimi may be a bad person, but does he retain his rights? Is there a reason to doubt that those under protective orders may be dangerous?


There’s a lot going on and we delve into it.

Cleveland mayor blames constitutional carry for “mass shooting”

Once again, something bad happens and an anti-gunner tries to blame gun rights.

There are problems with this, though, including the fact that no one knows who pulled the trigger, whether they could even lawfully own a gun, or anything.

Plus, a city councilman has problems with that due to some other issues that happened in Cleveland.

We also delve into some interesting facts about the murder rates in various Ohio cities that you won’t want to miss.

Why the pistol brace ban is stupid

Look, it’s my YouTube channel, so I’m not interested in mincing my words. The pistol brace ban handed down by the Biden administration is stupid. Cam and I get into just why it’s stupid as well as addressing a lot of other aspects of gun control arguments in general.

So please, check it out. If you enjoy it, like and subscribe and all that jazz.

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