Dana Loesch fires back at Biden's gun control post

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I’m not sure if it’s still a tweet now that Twitter is called X. I think they’re just called posts now, though, and yes, it matters.

After all, President Joe Biden used the platform to push for gun control, as Cam noted on Monday.


Now, I’m not going to get too deep into that because, well, Cam already addressed all of that.

But he’s also not the only one who saw it and had something to say, as is the way with Twitter X. I certainly did.

So did former NRA spokesperson, Second Amendment advocate, and talk radio host Dana Loesch.

But nationally-syndicated radio host Dana Loesch was quick to point the finger back at the president’s embattled son Hunter Biden – who, among a litany of other things, has faced scrutiny for a possible false statement on a federal form he filled out in order to purchase a firearm.

That alleged false statement meant that he was illegally in possession of the weapon — which Hallie Biden allegedly threw into a dumpster in 2018. And to make matters worse, the dumpster in which the .38-caliber revolver was tossed just happened to be a short distance away from a high school.

“Imagine if a criminal got ahold of the illegally purchased gun that your son’s sister-in-law-lover dumped in a trash can directly across the street from a school,” Loesch remarked.



Bringing up Hunter during Biden’s push for gun control is something that’s going to come up a lot for the President, whether it’s Loesch citing him as an example or someone else.

The truth is that his own son violated one of those regulations we’re routinely told we needed to reduce gun violence, yet the moment Hunter broke that law–damned by his own words and photographs–suddenly it’s a non-issue that should be largely ignored.

Loesch simply has a higher profile than a lot of other people who also brought up Hunter’s misdeeds, which is why we’re talking about her comments.

And let’s be real, regardless of who said it, it’s the absolute truth.

The whole Hunter saga really shows Biden’s hypocrisy on guns.

After all, let’s imagine his comments had been, “I love my son very much, but if he broke the law, he should face the same repercussions as everyone else. I believe these gun laws save lives and I’m not going to look the other way while my own flesh and blood violates them.” Then imagine Hunter faced a real prosecution for those crimes.


I’d still disagree with Biden on gun control, but at least I could see some degree of consistency there. There’d be some internal principle there I could respect, even as I stood in opposition to it.

Instead, he wants to make life more difficult for you and me, all while looking the other way when his crackhead son violated federal gun laws and may well get away with it when all else is said and done.

That’s because we’ve seen that with the Biden administration, there are rules for us and rules for the connected.

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