Democrats continue their broken record of gun control

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In theory, the gun debate is supposed to be nonpartisan. After all, every lawmaker swears an oath to “support and defend the Constitution,” which in theory also means they swear to support and defend the Second Amendment.


Yet the vast majority of Democrats in office don’t see it that way. Sure, there are some Republicans that don’t either, but they’re a smaller fraction of their party than anti-gun Democrats are of theirs.

And Democrats are really good at just declaring something should be done and pretending that is just a positional good without bothering to support any of it.

Which they did on X, formerly Twitter, on Wednesday.

Or, and hear me out here, let’s not do any of that.

First, let’s understand that, as Breitbart notes, California has pretty much all of these gun control laws on the books and yet still has plenty of mass shootings, to say nothing of accounting for more than 17 percent of all murders in the United States. That’s while being home to just 12 percent of the population, for the record.

And let’s understand a few things here about these proposals, starting with the last one first.

The “liability” gun companies are protected from is that they can’t be sued for what a third party does with the product they made but have since left their control. In other words, you can’t buy a gun, shoot someone, and the victim sue Glock because of what you did.


They shouldn’t need that protection because suing the companies for the actions of people whom they can’t control has always struck me as dumb, but the goal was never justice but to try and make it too costly to sell firearms.

That’s the law in place and Democrats actively want to change it because it doesn’t let them bankrupt companies that did nothing wrong beyond selling a product Democrats don’t like. It’s an attempt to allow private organizations and individuals to impact gun control by making it harder for us to buy guns.

Things like universal background checks keep being pushed without any regard for the fact that criminals don’t undergo background checks. Most guns are sold on the black market, so universal background checks don’t do anything except make it harder for law-abiding citizens.

Assault weapon bans generally require us to believe that AR-15s are used more often for crime than they are. They’re not the preferred weapon for any kind of killing since handguns are more favored for even mass shootings than so-called assault weapons.

Magazine limits are predicated on the idiotic notion that bad guys can’t change magazines in the midst of killing people. Let’s remember that bad guys can plan accordingly and either bypass the laws or simply bring more magazines. The Parkland killer, even though so-called high-capacity magazines were available, still committed a horrific crime with 10-rounders.


And “safe storage laws” are better termed as “mandatory storage laws” because there’s nothing inherently safe about telling people how they must store their firearms without any regard to their personal situation.

But then again, it’s not like Democrats care.

What they want is gun control and they want it all. This would be the opening salvo but it would be far from the final shot and we all know it.

So yeah, let’s do none of that and instead make sure these tools are in no position to pass such laws ever again.

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