NRA responds to Biden's "Gun Violence Prevention" office

NRA responds to Biden's "Gun Violence Prevention" office
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The NRA isn’t quite as loud as they’ve been historically, but they’re also not exactly keeping quiet. That’s particularly true when you see the Biden administration acting in a blatantly anti-gun manner.


That’s pretty much what we have now with the new “Office of Gun Violence Prevention” that the president announced last week.

You knew the gun rights group would say something about it, and sure enough, it has.

The White House Office of so-called ‘Gun Violence Prevention’ is yet another distraction, crafted to divert America’s and the media’s gaze from the Biden crime wave and their soft-on-crime policies destroying our communities.

Instead of confronting the real challenges and holding accountable the DAs who turn a blind eye to crime, this administration unfairly targets law-abiding citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that this office is a puppeteering maneuver by the gun control lobby, designed to dismantle our Second Amendment rights.

–NRA-ILA Executive Director Randy Kozuch


Nothing there is wrong, though I do think they’re missing an important point here.

This Office of Gun Violence Prevention is going to be little more than a federally-funded office to coordinate gun control groups’ efforts at the state and federal levels. It’s an office that will use our tax dollars to work to take away our rights.

Gun control itself is a distraction, though. It’s a way to pretend you’re addressing the problem without actually addressing the problem. Violent crime is a pretext to disarm all of us so the powers that be no longer have to worry about going too far and facing a real uprising, one that could threaten their tyrannical hold on power.

So yes, this office is part of that distraction. It’s going to focus on legislative efforts not to curb violence as a whole but to focus on a particular subset of violent crime in hopes people won’t recognize that the real problem is bigger.

But there’s much more going on than this, and the fact that our tax dollars will be funneled into an effort to benefit blatantly partisan special interest groups–namely, the gun control groups like Everytown and Giffords–is a serious problem that needs to be addressed.


I wouldn’t mind it if they were focusing on programs that would subvert the processes that turn people into violent criminals. I wouldn’t mind if it was focused on job efforts for those in high-crime areas or counseling services for those exposed to violence so they don’t go down that same road.

Yet none of that is really where the attention is going to be focused and we all know it.

This is a gun control office and the NRA is right to call it out. They’re right to take issue with an office designed specifically to counter the NRA’s defense of our right to keep and bear arms.

Unfortunately, we also know that no one in the media cares about any of these conflicts or about our rights as a whole. As such, the NRA’s criticisms will be heard by the like-minded and few others.

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