Baltimore students caught with guns on campus

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The city of Baltimore isn’t exactly a pleasant place.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s got plenty of positive things going for it, I’m sure. I’ve known too many people from there who couldn’t wait to get back for me to believe it has no redeeming qualities.


But it’s also a violent place with a high homicide rate.

As a result, the state of Maryland has passed a lot of gun control over the years.

Clearly, that’s working out brilliantly.

Baltimore County Police say the student who brought a loaded handgun to Sparrows Point High School earlier this week is facing juvenile charges.

“School administration immediately followed all safety protocols and our School Resource Officers located the student in question, conducted a search, and recovered a loaded handgun.”

On Thursday, Baltimore County Police confirmed the 15-year-old student is charged with having possession of a weapon, as well as disruption of school activities and the Department of Juvenile Services has authorized detention.

This is the second incident involving a student bringing a gun onto school property throughout greater Baltimore just this week.

In Baltimore City, Baltimore City Public Schools confirmed a 15-year-old student brought a loaded handgun to Joseph Briscoe Academy.

So two different 15-year-olds brought guns onto school campuses in Baltimore.


The last time I checked, there were no states where 15-year-olds could lawfully purchase firearms at all, much less it being legal in Maryland.

In fact, the one gun control law you’re going to see few argue against is reserving firearms for legal adults. Yes, some want to raise the age for all guns to 21, but that gets a lot of pushback, but few are going to argue that 12-year-olds should be able to buy guns.

Yet even that bit of gun control fails miserably in our cities.

Yeah, Baltimore isn’t alone here. I’ve seen countless reports from numerous communities where yes, students have brought guns on campus. Few have been 18-year-olds with legally purchased long guns, either. They’re usually younger and almost always have handguns that can’t be lawfully bought by anyone under the age of 21.

And yet, this almost universally accepted bit of gun control simply doesn’t seem to keep guns out of kids’ hands. Why? Because like most people, if a kid wants a gun, they’ll find a way to get a gun. They might steal it from their folks or they might buy it off the black market.


Either way, it mimics how adults get guns illegally, which is why gun control isn’t the answer to the problems in Baltimore or anywhere else.

Good guys aren’t the problem, but they’re the only ones restricted by the laws put in place.

Not even kids are going to be thwarted if they want a gun. If they were, why are there so many reports of kids bringing guns to schools?

Maybe it’s time we start trying something else. It’s time we look at violent crime differently and stop blaming the weapons or thinking that we’ll make everything all better if we make it harder for people to exercise their rights.

You know, just to shake things up a bit.

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