Why the 3D Printer Marks The End Of Gun Control

(AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Technology continues to march forward, just like it always has. One of the most interesting bits of technology to gain prevalence in the last few years is the 3D printer. With a device that sits on your desktop, you can make all sorts of things. If you can model it, you can build it.


Suddenly, prototyping something is a lot easier than it used to be.

And I’m unsurprised that people figured out how to make firearms completely via the 3D printer.

What’s really great about this is that it really does mark the death of gun control. What’s more, people are starting to understand that.

UNTRACEABLE DIY firearms are getting deadlier and easier to build in back rooms across the world – and could be impossible to stop, gun experts have warned.

It comes as the creator of the world’s most popular 3D-printed gun – the FGC-9 – was unmasked as incel Jacob Duygu, a former member of the German military.

Duygu was previously only known as JStark1809 – but has now been pictured and named for the first time in a bombshell new report by the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation.

The report describes him as an incel with extremist views – having been linked to more than 700 “anonymous” posts in online forums.

Staying anonymous in a distinctive black mask and sunglasses until his death in 2021, Duygu built a chilling network of 3D-printed gun enthusiasts to create designs and share blueprints online.

And his FGC-9 (F*** Gun Control 9mm) has been seen in the hands of gun enthusiasts, organised criminals, paramilitaries, insurgents, and terrorists across the world.

Cody Wilson, a gun rights activist who designs and publishes 3D guns, claims the flow and production of 3D guns will be impossible to stop.


And it will be.

Oh, people are trying. The UK wants to criminalize possessing the files. New York state wants to require background checks on 3D printers. This is all an effort to try and make it so they can stop the spread of these “ghost guns.”

However, that’s a lost cause.

Just like guns, 3D printers can be built DIY-style. You can bypass the background check requirements entirely. Computer files can be easily transferred via encrypted connections or just handed off on a USB drive.

You’re not going to stop the proliferation of these guns, which means you’re never going to keep people disarmed.

And I hate to break it to these folks, but that’s a good thing. An armed public is one that can hold the government accountable, even if that government doesn’t really want any such thing. Totalitarianism can only happen when the people lack the means to resist.

Europe has restricted rights aplenty over the years, gun rights being just one example. Free speech is little more than an abstract concept throughout the continent with only some speech being tolerated while other speech is criminalized.


At some point, though, the governments will overstep their bounds.

3D printers allow ordinary people to take up arms and resist such a government.

“But criminals are getting them.”

Yes, they are, but it’s bold of anyone to assume that criminals wouldn’t find some other way to get firearms without 3D printers.

The truth is that any hope of gun control working is dead. It’s time to bury it forever.

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