VIDEO: Ex-Con Points Out Major Problem With Gun Control

AP Photo/Michael Conroy, File

Most people are pretty sure they’re right about most things. On the surface, they’ll acknowledge there’s stuff they’re probably wrong about, but they won’t give you a specific example because, if they knew they were wrong about it, they’d change their opinions.


But some positions make no sense, such as gun control.

Now, for some, I can see where they’re coming from and while I disagree with them, they’re not the worst of the lot.

A convicted felon with a YouTube channel–now a recovery coach, it should be noted–brings up a really good point about guns, gun control, and how many on the left view the police.

As a felon, I have no doubt he’s seen the worst of the worst humanity has to offer–the true evil, as he calls it.

And yeah, if you’re going to be anti-cop and want things like defunding the police or advocate people not call the police when there’s a dangerous situation going on, then just how do you plan on dealing with a violent person deciding they want your stuff or your life if you also favor gun control?

You’re not going to hug it out. You’re not going to reaffirm their feelings and convince them not to brutally murder you.

So what are you going to do?

In a way, these people are protected by the guns folks like you and I have.

The evildoers among us don’t generally know which houses have guns and which ones don’t, so a few will simply opt not to let their inner urges out because they don’t know if they’re going to get popped or not. So instead of just sticking to these anti-police and anti-gun folks, they simply try to leave everyone alone.

They get the benefits of gun ownership without having to sully their hands with a dirty, nasty firearm.

But not everyone is dissuaded, as we can see from the homicide statistics in recent years. Some people are going to be evil. Some people want to hurt others for whatever reason.


When they show up at a gun owner’s home, things will go badly for them, but we’re also a fairly small percentage of the population when all is said and done. The chances are good that they won’t show up on our doorstep.

Most people can and will call the police, but that group that hates both guns and the police have nowhere to turn.

Of course, I suspect most of them will figure out in that moment that the police must not be all that bad and will call them anyway, but some true believers won’t. What happens then? What do they think will happen?

I’m genuinely curious how this will play out.

The man in the video, JD Delay, nails it right there.

When the rubber meets the road, something is going to have to give if they don’t want the last pictures of them to be crime scene photos. Gun control kills. It’s always killed and will always kill.

Couple that with anti-police hatred and you end up with a recipe for disaster and a playground for the truly depraved that walk among us.

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