Ramaswamy Blasts Gun Control In Iowa Shooting's Wake

AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

On Friday, I wrote about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis taking a stand opposing gun control. As of that writing, I hadn’t seen any other presidential candidate say as much. Not Nikki Haley, not Vivek Ramaswamy, not Trump.


Now, I’m not backing any candidate at this point–I’m in Georgia and our primary is a ways away, so why rush?–but I like DeSantis in many ways. However, because I’m not a partisan hack, I have to make a correction.

It seems that DeSantis wasn’t the only one who said they’d oppose gun control.

What’s more, Ramaswamy took it a step further.

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy criticized the “knee-jerk policy reactions” he expects to see from politicians calling for gun control legislation after a school shooter in Iowa killed one student and injured five other people Thursday.

In a sit-down with voters Thursday, Ramaswamy said the legislative focus shouldn’t be on guns, but on mental health.

“The temptation is just pass some law, paper and over and say we did something in response to this,” he said. “You mark my words: Tomorrow, if not later today, you’re going to hear calls for, ‘Stop the guns, that’s the problem,’ sweeping under the rug this real ailment at the heart and soul of our nation and our culture that has spread to the entire next generation and to the unit of the family. The loss of purpose.”

“It’s a false hubris,” he continued. “It’s a belief that we are God, that we can ultimately control this outcome without getting the root cause. I think that’s the wrong approach, right out of the gate, knee-jerk policy reactions in response to a tragedy.”


There’s literally nothing about that to disagree with. More than that, it’s exactly the kind of thing I want to hear more of from Republican candidates and pro-gunners as a whole.


Unfortunately, what I want to hear may not really translate to all those people who think there’s a legislative solution to what really seems to be a cultural problem.

Voters, including many in the GOP, are likely going to want more.

For pro-gun voices, though, Ramaswamy’s comments are probably as close to perfect as we’re likely to see. There’s nothing in there for us to take issue with, for one thing, but more than that is an awareness of what the real issue is, not just with these shootings but with the reaction to them.

As it stands, Ramaswamy isn’t doing all that well in the polls. The chances of him catching fire and beating Trump are slim at best, at least as things currently stand and even with states bumping the former president from the ballot.

So no one should get too excited by Ramaswamy’s comments. If it makes you support him, great. It makes me tempted to back him, that’s for sure, but let’s not think that stuff like this and him destroying a reporter who wanted him to call out “white supremacy” is going to be enough to win.

But I sincerely hope he lands somewhere that he can keep blasting the knee-jerk reactionism we see after these incidents.

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