Fentanyl and Guns: How an Arrest Destroys Gun Control

Twitter/Port Director Michael W. Humphries

Over and over again, anti-gunners will lecture us that gun control actually works, that if we embrace anti-gun policies, criminals will simply be unable to get firearms.


It’s amazing how rarely they seem to be able to see the holes in their own arguments. After all, if gun control stops people from ever getting guns, why have the laws restricting fentanyl failed to do the same thing?

In fact, we often see fentanyl and guns in the same place, such as a recent arrest in Tennessee.

An investigation by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) into pressed fentanyl pills within the county has led to one arrest and the shutdown of a pill operation in Johnson City.

The WCSO states, “Deputies executed a search warrant Jan. 4 on a home on W. Unaka Ave. During the course of the search warrant roughly 700 blue pressed pills, several digital scales and clear plastic baggies were also found.”

According to the release, the bagged pills tested positive for fentanyl. The WCSO said several firearms, including handguns and long guns, were found inside the residence, including in the children’s room. The release said $6,255 was also seized from the residence.

Now, understand that the only thing more heavily restricted than the firearm industry is the pharmaceutical industry. While you don’t have to undergo a background check to get meds, you do need special permission from a certain set of people, all in the form of a prescription.


Pharmacists can relate to FFL holders when it comes to recordkeeping requirements, too.

Yet despite all these restrictions, all meant to keep drugs out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them, this dude had 700 fentanyl pills to go along with the firearms.

Understand that you can’t lawfully buy fentanyl from a friend in any state. You can’t just walk into a drug store and walk out with fentanyl because you want it. This is one of the most tightly controlled substances in the country, and this booger-eater had 700 pills. Allegedly.

My question to anti-gunners is this: If we can’t keep people from getting fentanyl, among other drugs, then how do you expect to keep guns out of these people’s hands?

See, we know a lot of these drugs come up through Mexico but likely originate in the same place as is credited with creating beef with broccoli. China doesn’t really have any interest in a stable United States, so feeding illegal trades is in their best interests as they see it.

Right now, there’s no advantage to providing guns to criminals, but the moment it is, they’ll be sure to do just that. After all, where do you think a lot of the full-auto switches police are complaining about originate?


If there’s a demand, someone will fill it. For a nation like China, that’s not just business but foreign policy.

Yet even if you take China out of the equation, someone will be more than thrilled to step in and provide that need, just like they’ve done with fentanyl.

You’re not going to change that by restricting our gun rights. All you’re going to do is empower the wrong sort of people.

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