Biden Uses DOJ Report on Uvalde to Push Gun Control

AP Photo/Stephanie Scarbrough

President Joe Biden is notorious for inserting things like calls for assault weapon bans into situations where it’s not really relevant.

Yes, we know he doesn’t think the Second Amendment applies to the right to keep and bear arms–he claims he supports it, but then literally does nothing to support it–but when a shooting involves a handgun, calling to ban AR-15s aren’t really relevant.


But the president reached a new low on Thursday.

You see, the DOJ released it’s report on the failings of Uvalde. If you’ve read about the report, it’s pretty clear that it was, in fact, a law enforcement failure. Police there dropped the ball on every level, something we didn’t need the DOJ to tell us, really.

But here was the president’s response.

In May 2022, Jill and I traveled to Uvalde to grieve 21 students and educators senselessly and tragically gunned down at Robb Elementary School. Twenty-one souls stolen from us in a place where they are supposed to feel safe—their classroom. Following this tragedy, my administration conducted a review to determine lessons learned from the response that day and best practices to ensure a swifter and more effective response to future active shooter incidents. Today’s report makes clear several things: that there was a failure to establish a clear command and control structure, that law enforcement should have quickly deemed this incident an active shooter situation and responded accordingly, and that clearer and more detailed plans in the school district were required to prepare for the possibility that this could occur...

Congress must now pass commonsense gun safety laws to ensure that mass shootings like this one don’t happen in the first place. We need universal background checks, we need a national red flag law, and we must ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. The families of Uvalde – and all American communities -- deserve nothing less. The longer we wait to take action, the more communities like Uvalde will continue to suffer due to this epidemic of gun violence.

So what we have here is a case of Biden basically trying to gloss over law enforcement failures and pretend the issue here is that people can buy the kinds of guns he disapproves of.

Meanwhile, there are circumstances where an AR-15 or similar rifle is ideal.

As a result, Biden is basically telling us that in such situations, we should be relegated to call the police and hope they act, and is using the release of a report on how law enforcement failed to essentially tell us to call the cops.


Talk about tone deaf.

I don’t expect the DOJ report to change Biden’s opinion on guns in any way. There’s not really a whole lot there that would, if we’re being honest. While I’d love to see it, we’re not likely to and we all know it.

But I find it rather disgusting how Biden invokes the DOJ report in the second paragraph, then transitions over to gun control in the third and fourth paragraphs, suggesting somehow that these are part of the report in question.

They’re not.

This is just stuff Biden has been wanting from day one, so once again, he’s inserting his anti-gun agenda where it’s not needed.

Uvalde was horrific, but it was the actions of law enforcement that day that made it so horrific, not the fact that the bad guy had a certain type of gun. After all, it’s entirely likely he could have killed just as many people with a handgun if Uvalde police acted as they did.

And what’s worse is that at least someone in Biden’s camp knows this. As a result, Biden’s insistence on pushing gun control and even possibly trying to hint that it’s part of the DOJ report is absolutely disgusting.


Unfortunately, the mainstream media has absolutely no interest in calling the president out on something like this. If anything, they’ll either run with the allusions to the report themselves or they’ll just ignore all of it entirely.

Something they wouldn’t do for any pro-gun president and we all know it.

So yeah, Biden reached an all new low, and for this president, that’s really saying something. Luckily, it’s an election year and people have a chance to make it so he can’t keep “topping” the anti-gun hysteria.

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