LOL! UK Anti-Gunners Think Government Is Pro-Shooter

AP Photo/Alan Diaz, File

The United Kingdom is one of the most anti-gun nations on the planet. 

If the United States tried to enforce some of the gun control rules on the books there, it would likely spark a civil war, yet the British just accept the restrictions as the natural order of things.


And despite those restrictions, mass shootings are still a thing there, though still rarer than here--then again, they have a fraction of our population, too.

In the aftermath of one such shooting in Plymouth, there's been talk of making restrictions even worse, but so far, little has happened.

And one member of Parliament has the most insane take on why that is I've ever seen.

A Plymouth MP who has supported families of the victims of the Keyham shootings in August 2021 has said the Government has to stop "dragging its feet" or the country will face another tragedy.

In June, Crime and Policing Minister Chris Philp said the Government would not be taking on board a number of recommendations put forward by Plymouth's senior coroner Ian Arrow, claiming "shotguns are already subject to significant controls" and that further changes to the Firearms Act were "unnecessary" and have a "negative impact" on their legitimate use by farmers and those involved in "rural pursuits".

He wrote that the Government had given "careful consideration to the recommendations" but while public safety was "of course, our chief concern" it was "also right that our approach should reflect the fact that the vast majority of licensed firearms holders are law abiding and cause no concern".

Licenced shotgun holder [killer's name redacted] killed his mother Maxine Davison, 51, three-year-old Sophie Martyn, her father, Lee, 43, Stephen Washington, 59, and Kate Shepherd, 66, in the Keyham area of Plymouth on August 12, 2021. Mr Arrow, following a detailed five week long inquest, made a series of recommendations in his Prevention of Future Deaths report, including changes to the 1968 Firearms Act which would attempt to tighten up gaps in the law.

However, in response Mr Philp chose to launch an eight-week public consultation - over the summer holidays - supposedly concluding in late August 2023. The move was heavily criticised by gun reform advocates Gun Control Network who said it was "predictable" that the government would "always prioritise the interests of shooters over public safety".


That's right, the anti-gun group legitimately claims that the UK government is pro-gun.

Honestly, I think I injured myself laughing at that.

Let's remember that the UK has quite restrictive gun control laws on the books. It's hard to get a gun and even harder to keep it at home. How is that showing a prioritization of "the interests of shooters" over literally anyone?

And let's remember that the killer here followed the requirements. He'd acquired a license and purchased the gun in accordance with British law. That's the same British law that was passed to prevent exactly this sort of thing.

Now, the truth of the matter is that the UK will probably end up restricting guns even further; if not now then at some point down the road.

They don't view gun rights as rights. Then again, they don't seem to view freedom of speech as a right, either, so I guess we shouldn't be so shocked.

But the idea that they somehow favor shooters and gun owners is so ridiculous that it belongs in a comedy sketch. The problem is even Monty Python would figure that was too ridiculous to fly.

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