Burglar Returns to House He Broke Into Only Armed Resident Ended Trip

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I honestly don't know how often a bad guy "returns to the scene of the crime," but it had to have been often enough to coin a phrase for it. Maybe it was just something in movies, for the most part, but it also happens in real life.


The question is just how often do they do it.

Again, I haven't got a clue, but in Kenosha, one burglar apparently left something at a home he broke into earlier in the day. When he tried to go back to retrieve it, he had a bit of a surprise. It seems the resident was there, was armed, and wasn't interested in being a victim.

A man who shot and killed another man Friday morning will not be facing charges related to the shooting death of the late 24-year-old Izerion Cooper. Anfrnee Cystrunk-Taylor shot the man after what police say was an armed burglary.

“The current state of the investigation into the shooting death of 24-year-old Izerion Cooper that occurred in the 1500 block of 30th Avenue on Friday, June 21, 2024 at 4:25 a.m. suggests that a burglary was committed earlier in the day at the address and a firearm was stolen by Mr. Cooper and Dieonte A. Lee (20 years old).  Later that day, Mr. Cooper returned to the residence to retrieve property that he left behind.  The tenant of the residence was now home and a physical struggle ensued.  Mr. Cooper was armed at the time of the struggle. The tenant had become the victim of an armed home invasion at his residence and acted in defense of himself.  2011 Wisconsin Act 94 provides individuals with the privilege to protect themselves in certain circumstances.  We have worked closely with the Kenosha County District attorney’s office and have collectively concluded that given the information and facts known at this time, no homicide related charges will be referred or filed.  Mr. Lee has since been arrested and charged with Burglary – Arming Self with a Dangerous Weapon (Party to a Crime) and theft of a firearm. Detectives are still actively investigating the incident and are asking for anyone with information to please come forward,” said Lieutenant Josh Hecker, a Kenosha Police spokesman.

Reached by phone today by KCE, Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Graveley said that as the facts are known now by his office, there will be no homicide-like charges being brought against Mr. Cystrunk-Taylor


Apparently there are some other potential charges that are being considered, but those are all considered low-level.

Cooper apparently had a gun on his person when he returned to Cystrunk-Taylor's home and threatened him with it. Cystrunk-Taylor had a gun of his own and eventually fired it, hitting Cooper in the head, killing him.

Honestly, that counts as a happy ending in my book.

I get why Cooper may have felt he needed to return to the home to get his property, especially if it were something that could be linked to him, but had he been remotely intelligent, he'd have made sure he took it with him in the first place.

Then again, if he'd been smart, he wouldn't have taken up a life of crime in the first place. He did and now he's dead because of it.

Undoubtedly, someone will talk about how he was a good man/son/father/husband/boyfriend/whatever, but he was still a criminal who tried to steal from a dude, then went back to his house to essentially do it again. That's not a good person and you're not going to convince me otherwise.

I'm glad to see there are no charges pending for the shooting because yes, it's clear it was a self-defense shooting and self-defense is a basic human right.


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