A University of Cincinnati physics professor is unhappy with the city’s plan to cull over-sized herds of deer in nearby parks because she “knows” the targeted deer population and doesn’t want them harmed. Her “solution” to the problem involves murdering her fellow citizens (our bold below).

It is not that I had never heard about deer hunting before, but now that it is happening “at home” I am in the midst of it and realizing how much I am against it and want to stop it. There is also a personal side: A doe gave birth to two fawns in our backyard and the two fawns grew up totally in our backyard for two months. Together with our little daughter whom I breastfeed, a few times a day we watched the doe lovingly feed milk to the two fawns – a beautiful sight to behold!

As the fawns grew older, all three used to run around and play in the lawn. We had basically stopped stepping in the backyard so that they wouldn’t feel threatened. Once the fawns were big enough to explore the larger world, they started wandering around with their mother and we keep seeing them in our neighborhood. I felt a very strong link with the doe and her fawns who lived with us and we were an extended family. It was one of the most memorable time of our life!

I am deeply sad imagining that either the mother or the fawns or all of them might be killed in this upcoming hunting. And it is not just about them – it is about many such families. We were fortunate to get to know and see one very closely.

Cincinnati Parks makes the standard argument on how overpopulation of deer is not good for the forests. We as humans have done so much damage to this earth and every aspect of nature. We are so overpopulated, so is the solution just to kill some of us? We created the problem to begin with and the deer have to pay the price for it?

I’d like to ask Dr. Nayana Shah which of her fellow citizens she’d like to see murdered, and how many millions of people she thinks should die to bring Earth back into her idea of balance. For that matter, would she be willing to start the genocide by sacrificing her own family?

I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that if that were required, that Shah’s opinion would radically change. That said, it never ceases to amaze me how those who desire to exterminate their fellow citizens always seem to hold themselves in a separate class. Barack Obama’s mentor Bill Ayers and his co-conspirators in the leftest terrorist group the Weather Underground felt much the same way, suggesting that an estimated 25 million Americans would have to be exterminated to create the Marxist utopia that Ayers still adores to this day.

262 million people were exterminated in the 20th century alone by their own governments, because authoritarian radicals thought that exterminating the undesirables in their cultures would help them create some sort of perfect society.


As a matter of biological diversity, there were an estimated 500,000 deer in the United States in the early 1900s.  Their population has now exploded to over 20 million, and herd management through hunting has been both the most economical and effective way to keep them from destroying their own habitats and facing death through starvation.

Unfortunately, people like Dr. Shah who are talented in some parts of their lives are utter monsters in others.

It is against this sort of insanity that a free people must be armed.