Well Armed Woman


The Well Armed Woman is committed to empowering women to be their own self-protectors. We work tirelessly to educate women and give them the knowledge and skills to safely and effectively protect themselves should the need arise. 

We are honored to partner with Bearing Arms to not only raise awareness of the plague that is Domestic Violence, but to provide resources and support to those women across the country who desire to break free from its bondage and become equipped to defend themselves.  -Carrie Lightfoot, Founder

The Well-Armed Woman, LLC is the largest and most trusted women’s resource committed to bringing innovative products, training and information to women gun owners everywhere. Carrie Lightfoot is the founder and Chairwoman of the Board of TWAW Shooting Chapters Inc. a 501(c)3 Non profit organization with 310 chapters in 49 states with a membership over 10,000.

Lightfoot was named by Newsmax as one of 2015’s 100 Most Influential Pro-Gun Rights Advocates and is also the recipient of a 2015 GLOCK Safety Ambassador Award and honored as a 2016 NSSF Project ChildSafe S.A.F.E. Local Champion of Gun Safety.

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